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No Exclusive Aussie GBA Colors?

by Max Lake - May 8, 2001, 11:27 am EDT

What we told you has changed, or was wrong. What's going on? A new GBA price for Australia? We have an explanation & updated details.

Yesterday, PGC broke news that Australia would be getting an exclusive GBA color, a “smokey black” color. Shortly after we ran the report, our Australian correspondent, Kosta reminded me that he had heard rumors about the exclusive GBA colors for Oz too and posted a story about it awhile back.

Although we had every reason to believe Justin Anderson & his sources, apparently the story has now changed.

It seems that Australia will now get the same colors as everyone else.

“Artic, Fuschia, Glacier, Indigo - these are what we Aussies are getting !! and they are now going to retail for $199 AUD, and so you know, we are getting allocated units (bummer) so we get what we get.....Justin”

The price change is slight – just last month, the price for Australian GBAs had been listed at $180 (AUD). As far as we know, the GBA will still be released on June 22 in Australia.

So what happened? Well, either Justin A.’s source was mistaken, or plans for exclusive Aussie colors have been put on the backburner. After all, Australia is now getting allocated units, just like Europe, most likely originally intended for the U.S. Either way, we apologize for getting the hopes up of our readers down under.

It seems that Game Boy Advances are in short supply, worldwide!

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