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Australia Gets a Unique GBA Color

by Max Lake - May 7, 2001, 2:47 am EDT

Last night, PGC had the exclusive on the Australian GC launch date. Now we have exclusive info about an exclusive GBA color for Australia. Don’t be excluded!

Ever since Justin Anderson got in touch to contribute to our latest batch of retail reports, I’ve kept up with him a bit. Last night, he got back in touch and I let him know the article was going up.

“So, I was thinking I had missed that article.....I look forward to reading it!!”

After chatting a bit, Justin let me in on something I hadn’t heard about, making it likely it was something worth passing on.

“Down Under - we are getting a Smokey Black GBA as our 4th color......Our GBA games are going to be expensive $60AUD ! Some 3rd parties are saying up to $100aud for Castlevania !!!”

Ouch! Talk about pricey! Still, they are getting a smokey black as a GBA color! This wouldn’t be the first time that Australia got an exclusive color; previously, see-thru purple N64 colors were released as an “Aussie exclusive!”

By the by, speaking with some of our other retail sources, it seems that the U.S. will get the pink GBA as its fourth color. It is already in many retailers’ computers as “fuscia” and will apparently be available on July 2nd. Billy seemed sure we mentioned this already but I couldn’t find it anywhere on PGC, so there you go.

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