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Mid-October Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Shows Six New Pokemon, Two Alola Forms

by Donald Theriault - October 14, 2016, 6:19 am EDT
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And a couple of trainers

The latest Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer dropped this morning with a group of new Pokemon and another Alolan evolution family.

The new Pokémon, all related in some way to previously revealed Pokémon, are:

  • Silvally, the evolution of Type: Null. Its ability "RKS System" allows it to change its type based on holding "certain items", and its trademark move Multi-Attack matches the type for a same-type attack bonus.
  • Jangmo-o's evolutions will be known as Hakamo-o and Kommo-o. The new evolutions will be Dragon/Fighting, and retain Bulletproof and Soundproof as abilities with the new move "Changing Scales".
  • Bounsweet will evolve into Steenee and Tsareena, both pure Grass types. Although Steenee will keep Leaf Guard and Oblivious, Tsareena will trade Oblivious for the new ability Queenly Majesty which appears to prevent moves of higher priority from working. The family's trademark move Trop Kick was also shown.
  • Cutiefly will become Ribombee, but will retain its existing type and abilities.
  • The new set of Alolan forms are Grimer and Muk, which will now be Poison/Dark types with Poison Touch and Gluttony for abilities.

Two new trainers were shown as well: Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island who used a Nosepass, and Normal-type specialist Trial Captain Ilima.

More analysis of the Pokemon can be heard tomorrow during the NWR Live Podcast Telethon for Child's Play (donations permitting).


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