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National StreetPass Weekend To Be Held Thanksgiving Weekend

by Donald Theriault - November 24, 2015, 11:20 am PST
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Pick up some puzzle pieces with your shopping

The Nintendo fan newsletter has announced a National StreetPass Weekend will be held in North America from Thursday to Sunday (26th - 29th).

As with previous weekends, Nintendo Zones across North America that normally send data for the last six players that passed it will randomize the tags sent out. You can find your nearest Nintendo Zone here.

McDonalds Nintendo Zones will also begin distrbuting an exclusive Pokémon Hoopa this weekend, through December 23.


KhushrenadaNovember 24, 2015

I'm up in Canada for the weekend and wish there were more places I could take advantage of this with but there only seems to be Best Buy and Home Depot that are streetpass zones.

StratosNovember 24, 2015

No new puzzle to go with it? Bummer.

KhushrenadaNovember 24, 2015

Hey now. I just completed the Yokai puzzle and I like having the ribbon showing all my puzzles are complete. Plus, I'm still busy with all the other streetpass games so one less thing to worry about completing is alright with me. I just wish I could get more Animal Crossing: New Leaf streetpasses for that streetpass badge.

MASBApril 04, 2016

I noticed that the last two streetpass weekends (Christmas 2015 and Easter 2016) haven't been written about on NWR. I ended up missing the last one. Were they just overlooked or is NWR no longer going to report upcoming streetpass weekends? While the fervor for streetpasses may not be as high anymore, I think it would still be a service to report on the SWs ahead of time.

KhushrenadaApril 04, 2016

Nintendo does send out notices to the 3DS so that's how I knew about them and I figure it may not seem worth reporting since Nintendo will send out a special Mii along with the announcement that most would already know about it. But, I guess not, as you have indicated.

I'm just tired of streetpass zones constantly stopping where I live. First all McDonald's went away after finally getting a good rhythm and regulars I could streetpass with. Then I discover that Best Buy and Future Shops streetpass zones are finally working. It turns out The Home Depot will streetpass as well. Except all Future Shops then shut down leaving just Best Buy and Home Depot.

Now I live in a smaller area with only 1 of each store and I've got to drive 15 - 20 minutes to get to another one. Suddenly in the past 2 months, my local Best Buy has stopped streetpassing. The zone doesn't work anymore. I was hoping this latest Streetpass weekend may get it fixed but it has not. If I want quick streetpasses, all I've got is a Home Depot about 5 minutes away. After that, I have to start spending more time and gas to start travelling to farther and farther locations. There's another Home Depot and Best Buy about 15 -20 minutes away so that can be an hour round trip and there's another Home Depot and Best Buy about 30 - 40 minutes away. I've tried a couple malls but got nothing. The longer the 3DS exists, the more the streetpass function seems to be fading away. I'm never getting that Animal Crossing Streetpass badge. :(

StratosApril 05, 2016

Just go to your local community college for a few hours in the morning (9-1) and you will probably snag a good deal of them.

nickmitchApril 06, 2016

Luckily, living in the DC area, I can get a few just riding the public transit to and from work.

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