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Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Releasing November 13

by Donald Theriault - October 1, 2015, 10:46 am PDT
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As rumored, the (board) games begin in early November

The last piece of Nintendo's North American holiday lineup has fallen into place.

Nintendo of America announced on their social media channels today that Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival will release on November 13, as previously rumored. The package in stores will have a MSRP of US$59.99/C$69.99, and will come with the Isabelle and Digby Amiibo, plus Amiibo cards for Stitches, Goldie and Rosie.

Since the game requires additional Amiibo, most of the first wave of Animal Crossing Amiibo will launch on November 13. KK Slider, Reese and Cyrus will be in a 3-pack for $34.99/$44.99, while Tom Nook and Mabel will be sold separately at standard Amiibo MSRP ($12.99/$15.99). Lottie, who was anticipated to be sold with the other loose Amiibo, will be fashionably late in her arrival on November 22. No mention was made of the 2nd wave announced last night by NCL.


ForgottenPearlOctober 01, 2015

So Isabelle's not being sold apart from the bundle?  Gee, thanks, Nintendo. :(

SorenOctober 01, 2015

This will be the fourth party game released after Nintendo Land. No one of them have even com close to the brilliance of that game.

Those Stick, Goldie and Rosie Amiibo Cards, they're definitely not series 1. Are they series 2 or completely separate exclusive cards to this bundle?

My wife has scoured the earth for Amiibo Cards so much that I had to buy her a binder with card sleeves to hold/organize all them.

Do all Amiibo cards work for this game?
Is the game itself a free download on the e-shop as rumored?

If so, it might save me some trouble of buying the threepack w/KK slider, but I assume my wife's obsession will overtake all logic on this either way.

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