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No More 8-Bit Cries in Pokémon X & Y

by Josh Max - September 19, 2013, 5:30 am EDT
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Time to grow up.

Pokémon will no longer have the cries they had in the past generations. All Pokémon, including Pokémon from the first couple generations, will have cries similar to the Pokémon in X and Y. Older Pokémon will have updated cries, especially Pikachu. 

In X and Y Pikachu's updated cry will be from the anime. It is the only known Pokémon whose cry is like this. 

This information comes directly from a Nintendo representative who was giving us a hands on demo of Pokémon X and Y last Tuesday.


xcwarriorSeptember 19, 2013

So they should say their name like in the anime? Either way, great to hear.

StrawHousePigSeptember 19, 2013

Aww... I liked that tie to the old games. It was kinda lame, but it was tradition! Y'all and whatnot.

VahneSeptember 19, 2013

Hopefully Pikachu will be the only one to have its anime cry, since its the mascot. The idea of these creatures SAYING their names is just beyond stupid.

broodwarsSeptember 19, 2013

About damn time. The sheer laziness in keeping those microphone feedback-esque screeches has bugged me since the series left the anime first aired.

broodwarsSeptember 19, 2013

Bah...that's what happens when you have two ways of writing a sentence in your mind as you're typing.

Edit: About damn time. The sheer laziness in keeping those microphone feedback-esque screeches has bugged me since the anime first aired and the series left the original Gameboy.

JasonMaiviaSeptember 19, 2013

I've always wanted them to sound like they do in the anime. ALL OF THEM.
They still sound like something from the earlier games.

LucarioSeptember 19, 2013

Would that mean Lucario and legendarys could mind-speak to people, if so AWESOME!
If true i'll give it a focus blast!

Ian SaneSeptember 19, 2013

Seeing all these updates to Pokemon that seem like something that could have done back in Ruby/Sapphire has made me realize that Pokemon is Dragon Quest.  It's a legendary RPG series that intentionally maintains archaic elements because it's "tradition".

Ruby/Sapphire is also the last Pokemon game I've played and a reason for that is it seemed so unrefined for the hardware.  It felt 8 bit and that no longer made any sense.

If Charizard/Rhyhorn and Poliwag/Ditto don't share cries still, I'm going to be disappointed.

nickmitchSeptember 19, 2013

I hope they make the Pokemon sound more like what they "would really" sound like.

I also hope GameFreak keeps Jynx's cry as the longest.

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