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Ace Attorney 5 Coming to 3DS, Playable at Tokyo Game Show

by Andrew Brown - September 4, 2012, 10:34 pm PDT
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Phoenix is back on his Wrightful career path.

Attendees at this year's Tokyo Game Show will be able to play a demo of the new Gyakuten Saiban 5 on 3DS, the latest in the Ace Attorney series.

According to Famitsu magazine, the game will take place one year after Apollo Justice and feature Phoenix returning to his duty as a defense lawyer. No mention of Maya Fey's whereabouts have been made yet, but the game will introduce a new key character, a mysterious girl in yellow attire.

The opening case in the game involves an explosion in the courthouse, and Nick must defend a weak and easily-stressed schoolgirl named Shinobu, against a new prosecutor, Winston Payne's brother.

Much like in his upcoming crossover with Professor Layton, the game will feature full 3D models of the characters. Some new gameplay elements are also hinted at through what few screenshots have been revealed so far, including what may be buttons to make various facial expressions.

We have no word of a release date nor an English localization at this point, but more updates will arise as news breaks.



oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusSeptember 04, 2012

Phoenix is looking pretty prosperous.

S-U-P-E-RTy Shughart, Staff AlumnusSeptember 04, 2012

I plan on being there at TGS to rub this game all over my body


Darkurai the Oracle PonySeptember 05, 2012

Not feeling optimistic about a localization. Given the heartbreak over Investigations 2, I refuse to get excited until a localization is announced.

TJ SpykeSeptember 05, 2012

AAI2 didn't come over due to the first game not selling well, which I think is because it was not what most Ace Attorney fans wanted for the series. If this game is like the original Phoeni Wright trilogy, they might think it's worth it.

KhushrenadaSeptember 05, 2012

I love this news but personally, I hoped we might see more Apollo Justice and Tracy. I liked their dynamic a bit more.

broodwarsSeptember 05, 2012

*sigh* Phoenix again? His story's been told. There's little new there to tell. Considering this takes place a year after Apollo Justice, why couldn't he be the main character? Something new, please.

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