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New Panels Available in Puzzle Swap

by Carmine Red - July 18, 2012, 10:01 pm PDT
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Check your 3DS! A SpotPass update is adding a new Kirby puzzle to complete and a free piece to get you started!

An update to the 3DS StreetPass Plaza introduced a new puzzle for 3DS owners to collect in the software's Puzzle Swap mini-game. A 40-piece puzzle panel commemorating Kirby's 20th Anniversary is newly available, likely timed to coincide with the July 19 release of Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition for the Wii in Japan. North American users are getting the Kirby compilation title in September.

Japan also received an Oni Training puzzle panel for the upcoming 3DS Brain Age sequel. The game launches there on July 28. Presumably, the panel will make its way to the rest of the world when the game approaches release in other regions.

All 3DS owners need to do to receive the update is have SpotPass activated for their StreetPass Mii Plaza software and have an internet connection for their 3DS. They'll receive a notification of the update to Streetpass Plaza, and the next time they enter the Puzzle Swap mode, they'll be given a random piece. There is a possibility that the piece a user receives for free is a StreetPass-only purple piece from the middle of a panel. In that case, the lucky 3DS owner will be a sort of "patient zero" for the viral spread of that puzzle piece amongst their friends since the purple pieces cannot be otherwise obtained through the use of game coins.


shinyray01July 18, 2012

Damn it, and i was so happy to have completed all my other panels during comic-con.

Muzy72July 19, 2012

I haven't received a SpotPass update yet :(

C-OlimarJuly 19, 2012

Hope I get mine before Saturday 'cos I'm going Comic Con in Manchester!

TJ SpykeJuly 19, 2012

Haven't gotten mine yet.

Art_de_CatJuly 19, 2012

If you saw the blue dot on street plaza, go check your notifications, and you should see a puzzle swap notification telling you about the new panels for it. Then you can launch the software and get your piece.

broodwarsJuly 19, 2012

Well there's one Puzzle Panel I'll never be able to complete.  Before this panel came out, I used the Zelda Concert Street Passes to ensure I had all the Pink Street Pass-only tiles that have been released so far.  The chances of me finding another venue with lots of 3DS-carrying people is pretty much slim to none.

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