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Exclusive: DSiWare Shooter Flip The Core Revealed

by Carmine Red - April 27, 2012, 12:44 pm EDT
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Engine software's side-scrolling shooter lets players rotate the game world to get past obstacles, and we have an exclusive first look at the game's trailer.

Engine Software's upcoming side-scrolling shooter Flip The Core was described as labor of love at GDC, where Nintendo World Report first became aware of the game's existence. The developer's self-published side-scrolling shooter appears to "flip" the side-scrolling genre around by allowing players to rotate the game world, repositioning obstacles and enemies to get through dead-ends and tight spots.

Engine Software has provided NWR exclusive early access to Flip The Core's gameplay trailer, where players can see just how the game's unique "flip" mechanic can change the game.

Flip The Core has been submitted to Nintendo for release, but further details regarding the exact date of availability and the game's price point have not yet been announced.


KDR_11kApril 27, 2012

So that seems kinda like Revolver 360. One difference is that Revolver allows rotating smoothly instead of using 90° turns. Flip The Core will need to display the other angle on the other screen, otherwise it'll be too much trial and error.

Interesting Indie Game find KDR!

At least based on the video you linked, it seemed Revolver lacked level geometry? Flip The Core appears to be built more with level-design in mind, presenting you with a seeming-dead end, but allowing you to flip past it. One thing I noticed in some very early footage I had the privelege of seeing was that (at the time) you didn't die on contact with level obstacles, which, personally, made me very happy since that sort of thing kills me a lot in side-scrolling shooters and the game might give me the opportunity to flip myself out of such a situation.

KDR_11kApril 27, 2012

Yeah, Revolver is a bullet hell shmup so there's no level geometry, instead you use the turning to alter bullet patterns or shepherd enemies into a nice line so you can hit them all at once with the laser for big multipliers.

MrRudiApril 27, 2012

Kairon is partially right, the level geometry does hurt you...but it is quite forgiving in doing so. There is no instant death when flying (too) close to a wall. In regards to when you are 'flipping', there is a safety in place that when a 'flip' would put you inside a wall, a warning will sound and the game will automatically flip back to the safe zone.

Ah, thanks for the correction!

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