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escapeVektor Coming to Nintendo 3DS

by Nicholas Bray - February 23, 2012, 2:56 pm EST
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The hit WiiWare game is now making its way to the 3DS.

Update: A Nnooo representative confirms that the game will be a downloadable title on the 3DS eShop.

WiiWare game escapeVektor will be now coming out for Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita, Australian games developer Nnooo announced today.

Nnooo's Creative Director Nic Watt mentioned that the new version of the game will be incorporating the proposed extra chapters that the developer was originally planning for future WiiWare releases, combining the four into one game.

The game will feature lots of new enemies and obstacles along with online leaderboards. The game will be in 3D, showing off some cool effects such as having the background environments pulsing in time to the various chip-tune music tracks.

An early build of the 3DS version will be showcased at GDC.

Nnooo Announces Playstation Vita & Nintendo 3DS Versions of escapeVektor

Australian based games developer Nnooo has revealed their award-winning game escapeVektor will be coming to both the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. escapeVektor is a retro styled arcade game in which the player controls Vektor, an entity trapped inside the console’s CPU.

The player has to help Vektor escape the CPU which has been holding him captive. In making his escape, Vektor must get through obstacles and avoid enemies, each with different hunting patterns and intelligence. As the player completes the various levels in the game, escape becomes more difficult. New abilities unlock to help the player outwit and destroy the CPU’s army. As the player continues through the game, old code and memories are unlocked which reveal more about Vektor’s past.

“We were delighted by the reception the WiiWare™ version of the game received,” said Nic Watt, Creative Director at Nnooo. “We originally planned to have four Chapters but have now decided to roll them all into one game and bring it out on these new consoles to reach a wider audience.”

The new version of the game will have new enemies and obstacles, plenty of extra levels and online leaderboards. Each console’s unique features will also be highlighted.

“Playing the game in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS is really cool,” said Watt. “With the background to each level pulsing in time to the cool chip-tune soundtrack you really get drawn into game’s environment. For PlayStation Vita players we hope to make use of near™ and location based leaderboards. We’ll also be experimenting with the front and rear touchscreen controls.”

An early build of the Nintendo 3DS version of the game will be showcased at GDC.

escapeVektor for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS is scheduled for release in late 2012.


If this is an eShop game I'm very interested. If they're trying to do a retail release, much less so. The fact that they didn't specify worries me.

Indeed, but so far, they've never done a retail release, and there's no space-limiting reason that they'd need to do so...

Yeah I really doubt it would be retail. I asked them a question about retail games when I went to talk to them last year, they didn't seem to be interested much in retail games.

I know it's most likely it will be eShop, but they didn't say it was, and the PR can be read as them fishing for a publisher at GDC. If it is eShop, it's a day one purchase for me; it sounded like a really good game, but wasn't the kind of thing I wanted on a console, so this is perfect.

Booster_ZFebruary 23, 2012

Hi everyone, just to confirm that both the 3DS & PS Vita versions of the game will be download titles.

We're a download-only dev studio at the moment.

We didn't specify that the games would be download titles as we currently don't do retail, but then not everyone knows this so we should have probably clarified it.

Thank you for the clarification. Now I'm really excited for this game.

CericFebruary 24, 2012

Quote from: NWR_insanolord

If it is eShop, it's a day one purchase for me; it sounded like a really good game, but wasn't the kind of thing I wanted on a console, so this is perfect.

My sentiments exactly.

ShyGuyFebruary 24, 2012

What's the Vector, Victor?

Just the fact that it was a "hit" on Wiiware is news to me!

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