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Pandora's Tower Trailer and Release Information Revealed

by Danny Bivens - April 6, 2011, 8:17 am PDT
Total comments: 16 Source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/sx3j/index.html

Take your first look at Nintendo's latest Wii title set to launch in Japan on May 26.

Nintendo's upcoming Wii title, Pandora's Tower, is scheduled to be released in Japan on May 26 retailing for 6,800 yen. The details come from a recently released trailer for the title that reveals the game's visual style as well as in game combat. 

The combat gameplay strongly resembles games such as God of War, but given the limited scope of the trailer it is hard to judge if this is a superficial comparison.

Interestingly, the game's developer is Ganbarion, the same team that developed Jump Super-Stars and Jump All-Stars on the Nintendo DS. 

Check out the trailer below for the first look at the game, and stay tuned to Nintendo World Report for further details.


TurdFurgyApril 06, 2011

Awe, he dropped his slushie @ 0:30
I'm just a tad bit intrigued. Be keeping an eye on this.

Ian SaneApril 06, 2011

I can't wait until NOA refuses to localize this.

Looks cool but maybe right now what we really need is a new game for the North American market.  We could use something for May HERE.

You know, I think this game does get localized. If you look at it in blur-o-vision (ie: on the cell without a 3G signal) it looks remarkably like God of War, although as a Japanese game I'd guess it's probably closer to Devil May Cry. Either way, both of those series do well in western markets.

BlackNMild2k1April 06, 2011

Website, details and story are in the other thread for this game

It's an Action RPG where you collect beast skins to cure a curse.
Supposedly heavy on the action.

It looks like this is Nintendo's BIG RPG push leading up to DQX
All different types of RPG's for 2011, Xeno, TLS, Pandora's Tower, Zelda and then DQX (in 2012?)
Year of the Wii RPG?

EnnerApril 06, 2011

Wii RPGs would be most welcome.
I wonder how many weapons and weapon styles there will be in this game. There's already a chain that's central to the game's system. Looking at the trailer, I think I see a scythe and sword. It would be neat if there are some spears and pole arms. I feel that those two are a little underrepresented in the genre.

OblivionApril 06, 2011

Pretty sure this is confimed for NA release.

Quote from: Oblivion

Pretty sure this is confimed for NA release.


OblivionApril 06, 2011

Saw it on Kotaku.

Kytim89April 06, 2011

I would rather have five good RPGs for Wii then twenty shitty ones.

shinyray01April 06, 2011

i was write on the fact that is not being developed my Monolith Soft. Never though it would developed by ganbarion.
still turned out look good.

Quote from: Oblivion

Saw it on Kotaku.

I think they're not making things up. If you're referring to this article (http://www.kotaku.com.au/2011/04/this-is-what-the-mysterious-pandoras-tower-for-wii-looks-like/), then they say it has an overseas release, and then wonder if it'll make it to America in the end. As usual, Kotaku gets everything right. /sarcasm

OblivionApril 06, 2011

No need for sarcasm. I'm only the messenger.

I still think there was room for sarcasm, but none of it was cruelly directed at you. :) As some degree of "competition" to Kotaku, it always makes me sad when they get facts wrong like that. It's their living. I'd hope that they could get it right more often. Not saying we're free from messing up, but at least this isn't our career. And we usually own up to our mistakes.

I think when they said overseas, they were referring to overseas from the perspective of the writer, meaning overseas from America, i.e. Japan.


Channeling my inner commenter.

CericApril 09, 2011

That is an interesting choice of music for the Trailer.  Now going beyond the music it looks interesting.  Though if that is actually the music... that would be .. nauseatingly discorded.

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