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Nintendo Discusses 3DS Game Lineup

by Pedro Hernandez - June 15, 2010, 10:42 am EDT
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Today's press conference reveals that the handheld has considerable industry backing right out of the gate.

With today's official unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS, Satoru Iwata also touched on upcoming games for the system. The handheld looks to have a little of something for everyone, hardcore gamers included.

Nintendo's Kid Icarus Uprising is the mystery project handled by Masahiro Sakurai's Project Sora. Uprising places legendary character Pit in what appears to be a shooter in the vein of Space Harrier or Panzer Dragoon. Many different types of mythological enemies are represented, and the graphics are gorgeous and look to be on par with Wii visuals. There will be a 3D trailer playing on the E3 show floor.

It was also teased that Shigeru Miyamoto is working on a sequel to Nintendogs entitled Nintendogs+Cats.

Third-party offerings were also discussed. While many projects are still certainly in the planning stages, Square Enix is planning a Kingdom Hearts title, Capcom is bringing Resident Evil to the platform, and Konami is doing the same with Metal Gear Solid. Activision is working on DJ Hero, and Harmonix is also working on a game of their own. Ubisoft is making Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy, and THQ will be creating a Saint's Row title. EA will also be there with Madden NFL, and Namco will have an entry in the Ridge Racer series.

We'll have more information on 3DS software - in particular what's being shown on the E3 show floor - as it becomes available.


ShyGuyJune 15, 2010

screeens, I need screens!

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorJune 15, 2010

Nintendogs + Cats!

TheFleeceJune 15, 2010

Watching Nintendo's E3 feed they announced Street Fighter IV for 3DS!

TJ SpykeJune 15, 2010

The 3DS is already off to a great start. I also have do doubt that Nintendo will end up being declared "winner" of E3 (except maybe by the same Sony fanboys who kept denying that Wii was whooping PS3's butt).

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