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High Voltage Comments on Tournament of Legends

by Neal Ronaghan - February 3, 2010, 7:19 pm PST
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High Voltage's Eric Nofsinger talks about their newly announced game.

Sega and High Voltage's Tournament of Legends, officially announced earlier today, bears a striking resemblance to Gladiator A.D., which was shown off at E3 2009.

"[The two games are] one and not really the same. Gladiator A.D. was the codename and what we showed at E3 could be considered an early prototype," Eric Nofsinger, High Voltage's chief creative officer, said. "Codename aside, [the style] wouldn't have really made sense anymore as we introduced world mythology."

He is referring to the change from the Roman gladiatorial stylings of the prototype to the mythological focus of Tournament of Legends. Other than that, the game's core remains. There are 10 characters that each has his or her own problem with the villain, Thanatos. From the screenshots, it also appears that the game's viewpoint has pulled a bit farther back from the character, no longer having a Punch-Out-like look to it.

High Voltage's other announced project, The Grinder, a first-person shooter with gameplay that is reminiscent of Left 4 dead, is still under development. Although, according to High Voltage's Matt Corso, it is undergoing a retooling similar to what happened to Gladiator A.D.

"They are different teams," Nofsinger said. "We have over 170 awesome employees working on all kinds of stuff simultaneously. We don't have a publisher [for The Grinder] just yet."

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