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Wii Surpasses Xbox 360 User Base in the UK

by Greg Leahy - December 19, 2007, 10:44 pm EST
Total comments: 5 Source: MCVUK.com

Nintendo's global dominance asserts itself in Britain as Wii overtakes the 360 despite a year head start; DS smashes its own single week hardware sales record.

The latest Chart Track data on UK hardware sales has revealed that, with the sale of 100,000 units last week, Wii has exceeded the installed user base of the Xbox 360. In spite of globally constrained supply limiting hardware allocations to the UK, Wii has attained this position in only half the time that Microsoft's console has sat on store shelves.

The hardware statistics also reveal that Nintendo DS has once again broken the single week hardware sales record in the UK, setting the bar at 212,584 units during the week ending December 1. That is a more than 11% improvement on the previous mark set immediately beforehand by Nintendo's handheld sales juggernaut.

These are the latest amongst several UK sales milestones for Nintendo this year, which saw Wii become the fastest console to sell a million units in addition to eclipsing the GameCube's lifetime sales.


Smash_BrotherDecember 19, 2007


Imagine what they could do with an unconstrained supply chain...

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterDecember 19, 2007

This is almost insane...

Analysts and fanboys keep saying that the Wii is a fad and that it will soon die due to a lack of good "proof of concept" games outside of Wii Sports. Yet its incredibly hard to find. Consoles are disappearing the minute they reach stores and a great deal of the games are becoming million sellers.

Hell, even in Japan sales have gone up.

Wii Sports is its own sequel.

TJ SpykeDecember 19, 2007

So confirmed sales numbers have shown that the Wii is #1 worldwide, in Japan, and now the United Kingdom. Unless something drastic happens, the Wii be become #1 in the United States and Canada (the Xbox 360's strongest market) sometime in 2008. I don't think anyone can doubt that Wii is the leader this gen, it's been out for over a year and is STILL selling out in most parts of the world despite shipping more systems than any other in history.

BlackNMild2k1December 19, 2007

Newsbot is sloooow. I submitted this to NWR early Tuesday morning and its just now getting posted.

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