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Take-Two Q4 Report Reveals Wii, DS Tidbits

by Carmine Red - December 19, 2007, 7:02 pm EST
Total comments: 5 Source: Gamasutra

Seven titles bound for Wii; Carnival Games bound for DS after shipping 500,000; no GTA for Nintendo.

Take-Two recently reported sales and financial results for their fourth quarter, ending October 31, and included in the wealth of information that included nuggets of interest for gamers on Nintendo platforms.

Take-Two reported that their Wii surprise hit, Carnival Games, has shipped more than 500,000 units. Carnival Games released for the Wii in August and has since enjoyed a steady stream of sales. Take-Two also announced that they intended to bring the title to the DS sometime next year.

Take-Two also revealed that they had seven titles headed for the Wii, including Bully and Don King Presents Prizefighter. But although they admitted that they had changed from a "non-Nintendo shop into one as focused on Nintendo as any other platform." Chairman Strauss Zelnick concluded that, at least in the case of Take-Two's flagship series Grand Theft Auto, "there are other titles better suited to the Wii."

Editors note: An pre-edited version of this story was originally posted in this space, and has since been corrected. We apologize for the mix-up.


18 DaysDecember 19, 2007

Oh well. Bully is better than GTA anyway, fair dinkum.

I'd at least hope that they gave the Wii the PSP versions of GTA... *sniff*...

Oh dang. 500k copies of Carnival games? That's HUGE!!!

GoldenPhoenixDecember 19, 2007

Carnival Games deserves decent sales as well because it is actually fairly well put together, especially the motion controls.

darknight06December 19, 2007


Take-Two reported that their Wii surprise hit, Carnival Games, has shipped more than 500,000 units

And it'll probably sell through that too. However, expect the DS game to completely flop and watch them act dumbfounded about it as if they don't know what went wrong. It ain't gonna be anywhere close to the same game without the motion controls and they know it. As for the GTA comment, that's not what Godfather was telling me. They don't want to potentially take anything away from GTA4 so of course they're gonna say that. There's a lot riding of that title for them.

edit: My comments actually go double for DS Carnival Games having actually played the Wii title for a solid hour and a half. A lot of the fun with the game comes from actually having the feel of the games themselves in most cases spot on to the way it would be in real life. There's no way I can imagine the game where you dunk the guy in water being anywhere near as fun as it is now using touch screen strokes. It's like Wii bowling vs. Clubhouse Games bowling, they don't compare and neither will this. Like I said, expect it to sell low numbers and see them acting like they don't know what hit them.

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