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Smash Bros. Dojo Updates

by Mike Gamin - September 22, 2007, 11:14 am EDT
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An item, a Pokemon, and a character we already knew about were all announced this week.

This week's news was topped off by a three announcement Friday about Snake's presence in the game. Also, on top of the normal Dojo announcements, keep reading for some bonus tidbits from Konami's Metal Gear 20th anniversary presentation.

The Golden Hammer

New Item: Golden Hammer
Coming right out of Wrecking Crew, the Golden Hammer will act as a variation to the standard Hammer from past Smash games (which was also confirmed as returning in this update). It is more powerful and swings faster than the normal hammer, but it will also malfunction. When this happens, instead of dealing damage, it will just squeak away. That'll end up being quite frustrating. The special features of the Golden Hammer don't stop there though. You can also levitate while using it by tapping the attack button. This should solve a lot of the terrain issues that surround the standard hammer.

The Wi-Fi Screen

New Game Mode: Wi-Fi Play
As reported earlier, Wi-Fi play received its first confirmation since a comment from Sakurai at E3 2006. The main details were laid out nicely in that original article, so check it out. To sum up, four player matches will be supported, one-liners can be mapped to taunts for an added level of personality, and matches can happen between people on a friends list or anyone in a random match making mode. Based solely on the number of digits in the friend codes shown in one of the screenshots, these codes are not the same as the ones used globally on the Wii. The blog post is summed up by saying that more details would be revealed later.

Hey kids! Free candy!

New Game Mechanic: The Enemies from Subspace
In a first for a Smash Bros. game, the single player mode will include several enemies designed specifically for the game. Eight of these were shown in Wednesday's update. Of those eight, only one has a Nintendo history, and that is the R.O.B. squad that was shown in the earlier trailer for the adventure mode. The other seven all vary significantly in appearance and size. If you haven't already, you should check them out.

Where'd the water come from?

New Pokemon: Piplup
The cutest starter Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl will pop out of some of the Pokeballs in Brawl. Upon being released, Piplup will summon a Surf attack and start sliding around on the waves. These waves will push other characters and possibly launch them right off the side, as shown in one of the screenshots where Nana, Popo, and Peach were being washed away.

No fair!

New Character: Snake
In a move that put a big question mark next to several popular online theories, Snake was announced officially on Friday. For many reasons, it was expected that Snake would be an unlockable character. It was also expected that the Dojo would only reveal non-unlockable characters leading up to the release of the game. Is one of those expectations false, or is Snake just a special case because he was already revealed in a trailer? We'll find out eventually. Regardless, how exactly is that grapple attack going to work on characters like Squirtle and Kirby?

New Music: Metal Gear Solid: MGS4 Love Theme
To go along with the Snake unveiling, a song for his yet-to-be-announced stage was also unveiled. The arrangement came directly from Konami's Metal Gear Solid sound team, so it remains authentic to the original while having the same orchestral feel of the other Brawl songs that have been revealed. To hear it, head over to the Dojo.

Oops, Missed!

New Special Moves: Snake's Side, Standard, and Up
Three of Snake's four special moves were unveiled on Friday too. They all use weaponry from his arsenal for a variety of purposes. His Side move is the Nikita, a remote controlled missile. Firing from a shoulder mounted launcher, the missile can then be controlled by the player. Control will return to Snake when the missile detonates or the player pushes the shield button. Snake's standard special move is a simple grenade toss. Pushing the button pulls the pin and tilting the control stick will toss it. The force of the toss is determined by the way the stick is tilted, ranging from a firm overhand pitch, to a light underhand toss. Snake's up special move was also shown, and it is a recovery move through and through. While flying off the stage, Snake can pull out his flying reconnaissance camera and hover back to safety. In a bonus bit of information, it was also revealed that Snake's smash attacks will use ordnance as well. Based on screenshots, it looks like his up smash attack will fire a missile directly into the air, while his down special move will plant a land mine.

It just so happens that some more never-before-seen screens were revealed at Konami's 20th anniversary Metal Gear presentation that happened at the Tokyo Game Show. The highlight of the screens is the confirmation that both the Home Run Bat and Mr. Saturn items will be returning. You can check out pictures from the presentation at Famitsu's site. Special thanks to pap64 and his thread in our Super Smash Brothers Discussion forum for digging up that link.

That's it for this week. Every character that was shown in trailers has been officially unveiled now. For those interested in the icon number theory presented last week, the Metal Gear Solid icon was marked as number 17, which keeps the theory alive. It all may mean that the next two characters revealed will be Ness and Mr. Game & Watch.

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