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Nintendo Invests in Monolith Soft

by Jonathan Metts - April 26, 2007, 10:34 pm EDT
Total comments: 17 Source: Nikkei News

The developer has jumped from Namco to Nintendo even as Disaster: Day of Crisis is being prepped for Wii.

In a bit of Japanese business news that may affect gamers, Nintendo has purchased 1920 shares of stock in Monolith Soft (or 80% of the company) from the previous stockholder, Namco Bandai. No details were given on specific game titles or the exact nature of Monolith Soft's new relationship with Nintendo, although some kind of exclusivity deal is highly likely.

Nintendo fans may recognize the developer's name from the two Baten Kaitos titles on GameCube. They are also developing the still mysterious Wii game, Disaster: Day of Crisis. Other Monolith Soft games include the Xenosaga series and bizarre crossover RPG, Namco x Capcom.

Ryan Winterhalter and Steven Rodriguez contributed to this report. Thanks to AzureShadowX1 for the tip!


Shift KeyApril 26, 2007


Wait, this isn't the game! But deep down we all know that this is the game we want.

I'll wait for Infernal to come in here and give us his pseudo-review.

that Baby guyApril 26, 2007

So do they retain the Xenosaga IP?

BlkPaladinApril 26, 2007

More than likely. So Nintendo has a dedicated RPG maker that doesn't have ties with the Pokemon Company. I'm personally hoping for a new IP from this.

GoldenPhoenixApril 26, 2007

This is tremendous news! Nintendo has always been pretty smart about who they decide to buy. Look at Rare, when they let Rare go people were screaming, but it turns out that it was a good descision, since Rare hasn't done much in the way of quality games except for Viva Pinata. Silicon Knights may end up the same way, and if anything losing them wasn't a big loss because they take forever (even by Rare standards) to release something. Not to mention, like was stated previously they now have an experienced RPG maker.

Holy mother of Miyamoto.

This COMPLETELY came at me from waaay out Left Field... Does this mean that Monster Games, the group that made Excite Truck are a potential target for investment as well?

Wow... if this isn't a vote of confidence in Monolith Soft and by extension Disaster: Day of Crisis, I don't know what is.

~Carmine "Cai" M. Red

NephilimApril 27, 2007


Originally posted by: Shift Key

Ashley Jones is pretty face-icon-small-smile.gif
They should of just called the game "bold and the beautiful: The game"

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorApril 27, 2007

So... Nintendo bought a large portion of a company that Ban-Nam owned.

Doesn't Nintendo also own a sizable portion of Ban-Nam already?

This sounds like it may have been something done to fluff the books or such...

NephilimApril 27, 2007

I thought they only owned 3-4 percent

Clearly namco werent happy with the sales of there last 3 games (baton kratos 1&2 & Xenosaga 1&2DS)

Maybe this will lead to xenosaga 3 for Wii, and finally a english port of 1&2DS?
Also means Tetsuya Takahashi is working for nintendo, great

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorApril 27, 2007

Ban-Nam is the world's largest toy maker, I believe. For all we know, 0.5% of Ban-Nam could easily be 80 of Monolith...

I hope this is no reflection on Nintendo's relationship with Camelot. Then again, what was the last console RPG Camelot developed?

Also, GoldenPhoenix is a prophet.

DeadNote27April 27, 2007


Originally posted by: TheYoungerPlumber
I hope this is no reflection on Nintendo's relationship with Camelot. Then again, what was the last console RPG Camelot developed?

That's an interesting point. It makes me wonder if Camelot and Nintendo has had a falling out. Wasn't Camelot's reasoning for delaying their Gamecube/Wii RPG was because they decided to devote all their resources to the development of some on-line PC golf game? All I can say is I hope Nintendo and Camelot are still on good terms. I love Camelot, and would hate to see Nintendo lose their talents.

Ian SaneApril 27, 2007

"Then again, what was the last console RPG Camelot developed?"

Camelot were too busy working on redundant Mario sports games. I don't know exactly who to blame for that. Does Nintendo force devs to make stuff like that or do the devs ask for it because they figure a Mario game is an easy sale?

Nintendo getting Monolith Soft is pretty cool. A lot of Nintendo's recent partnerships with other devs seemed very arbitrary. Getting the Olsen Twin guys wasn't exactly on par with getting the Battletoads guys back in the day. But here there is a body of work that you can point to and say "This is what the dev was doing before we got them. This is why they have potential." A company known for making RPGs that has some credibility with fans of the genre is a good pickup. This is the sort of partnership Nintendo was doing all the time a few years ago before they decided to let all their good second parties get away.

KlapauciusApril 27, 2007


Originally posted by: Ian Sane
getting the Battletoads guys back in the day.

Rare was a success story, not only in getting them at the right time, but letting them go too. It was the right time. Rare was past its prime.

I thought Camelot left Nintendo...? I'm sure I read that Camelot had become third- and not second-party.

Dirk TemporoApril 27, 2007

Holy winnar Batman!

WuTangTurtleApril 27, 2007

.....man i wish i could have played that namco x capcom game face-icon-small-frown.gif

Camelot clearly was not forced to make those Mario Sports games. They took their time with it and wanted to make ANOTHER golf game, which Nintendo said "no thanks" to.

KDR_11kApril 27, 2007

Most devs jump at the chance to make a surefire hit because if a dev fails its publisher too often they get the "you've failed me for the last time!" speech.

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