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Spectrobes Sells Big on DS

by Jon Lindemann - April 21, 2007, 9:29 am PDT
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Worldwide sales will eclipse 700,000 units by the end of April, claims Disney.

Spectrobes Uncovers Global Sales Success

Disney Interactive Studios’ First Game Based on an Original Property Tops Sales Among Third Party Nintendo DS™ Games

Title Will Eclipse 700,000 Units Shipped Worldwide by End of April

BURBANK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Spectrobes, one of this spring’s most anticipated games for the Nintendo DS, has been the best-selling third party game on the platform since its mid-March release and will eclipse more than 700,000 units shipped worldwide by the end of April, according to retail account re-orders. The anime-inspired action role-playing game from Disney Interactive Studios continues to capture imaginations with its engaging sci-fi story, intriguing characters and innovative code input cards.

In Europe, the game has been a huge hit across the whole continent, especially in Germany and Holland where Spectrobes ranks first in sales for all Nintendo DS games. The United Kingdom and France have also both witnessed incredible demand for Spectrobes, with the title ranking first among third party Nintendo DS games.

“Spectrobes has quickly become a global phenomenon and has consistently been among the top-selling Nintendo DS titles since launch," said Craig Relyea, vice president of marketing, Disney Interactive Studios. “We look forward to growing Spectrobes as a Disney franchise and providing more content for the increasing number of Spectrobes fans worldwide."

The first original intellectual property from Disney Interactive Studios, Spectrobes allows players to step into the shoes of two planetary patrol officers, Rallen and Jeena, and embark on missions throughout their planetary system, collecting the mysterious fossilized creatures known as Spectrobes and battling enemies known as the Krawl. Players use the Nintendo DS stylus and touch screen to carefully excavate the fossils and then awaken and nurture them into Spectrobes. Multiplayer functionality enables players to battle one-on-one, run a tournament with up to 16 participants, and exchange items and creatures through local wireless connectivity. The official Spectrobes website, Spectrobes.com, provides another way for fans to interact with the game and other players. The site features an interactive community in which players can upload their game results, view leader boards, earn badges and participate in community challenges. The site is also the hub of new Spectrobes information including exclusive downloads, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection unlockables and news about code input card availability.

Developed by Kyoto, Japan–based Jupiter Corporation, Spectrobes is rated E for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and has a suggested retail price of $29.99.

For more information about Spectrobes, please visit www.spectrobes.com.


KDR_11kApril 21, 2007

Their sales will blot out the sun!

AgesApril 21, 2007

Then we will game in the shade

decoymanApril 21, 2007

Is anyone else totally surprised at this? I'm glad to see some success for third parties, and especially for a new IP...

but wow.

that Baby guyApril 21, 2007

Advertisement helps a whole lot.

Thank GOD this game came out BEFORE Pokemon in America and Europe... and WAAAAAYYYY after Pokemon in Japan.

You want sales to blot out the sun? Look there.

~Carmine "Cai" M. Red

KlapauciusApril 21, 2007

The only thing I know about this game is I got two free TCG cards in a magazine. They have Japanese on them. Yup.

CericApril 21, 2007

i just rented this game and I've officially played for a couple hours but really only an hour and I really don't get the point. It sort of annoying having to press the Spectrobe following about every 3 seconds so I don't miss anything and their is no objective right now for me to do...

Infernal MonkeyApril 21, 2007

If only the new IP wasn't a tired stinky clone of Pokemon mixed with Yu-Gi-Oh. face-icon-small-frown.gif Consumers support a complete lack of creativity on DS, woo!

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterApril 21, 2007


Originally posted by: Infernal Monkey
If only the new IP wasn't a tired stinky clone of Pokemon mixed with Yu-Gi-Oh. face-icon-small-frown.gif Consumers support a complete lack of creativity on DS, woo!

What are you talking about???

Spectrobes is pure Disney magic!!! MAGIC!!!

...OK its an uninspired affair.

But this is basically the story with new IPs. You either get something that is truly innovative and groundbreaking or you get something that is a rehash of other ideas.

Well, it's a constant fight to get new IPs, or well... franchsies... off the ground. God, I was really afraid for the longest time that even an established thing like Phoenix Wright wouldn't get off the ground. Sure it was 3 games in in Japan when we got it here, but only lately have I been able to breath a sigh of relief about the health of that IP.

Then there's also the DS to Wii growth of new IPs Cooking Mama and Trauma Center...

Actually... you know, I'm less interested in seeing supposed "new IPs" that are really paint jobs on existing franchises, and more devoted to those "new IPs" that actually live up to their label...

~Carmine "Cai" M. Red

jakeOSXApril 22, 2007

i am still enjoying this game since i got it. (ps, you don't have to tap the spectrobe, just pull the L button)

is it similar to pokemon? yeah, i guess. battles are real time though, which is the big difference. that and spectrobes is a lot prettier.

you can't fight online, which is a bummer, but you do have downloadable content, (a first for the ds?) which is cool.

CericApril 23, 2007

Ah, things now where do you go add the begining to get more story after your tired of wandering around looking for fossils?

KDR_11kApril 23, 2007


Originally posted by: Ceric
Ah, things now where do you go add the begining to get more story after your tired of wandering around looking for fossils?

To Gamestop to grab another game.

CericApril 23, 2007

lol. Actually I'll probably send it back once I get Excite Truck in and give it another go when things slow down.

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