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Wii-Branded Stuff Spotted at Target

by Jonathan Metts - October 26, 2006, 9:54 pm EDT
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If you just have to own something with the word "Wii" stitched onto it, Target has you covered. Pics included!

PGC reader Deric Miller noticed some strange Wii-branded items at his local target store, and he snapped a few photos of the goods. Note that none of these items appear to be designed for the Wii, except for the remote "gloves" which snap onto the Wii Remote like an Xbox faceplate. The rest are generic storage cases and other items that Nintendo has, for some reason, approved to carry the Wii brand (as evidenced by the official Nintendo Seal of Quality on the packaging). Also available is a Target gift card decorated with the Wii logo, the perfect gift for that gamer who just wants his money to look like gaming dollars. Check it out:

Wii-Branded Merchandise Rack at Target

Small and Large Storage Kits

Metal Storage Box

Wii Gift Card to Target

In case you drop dead from wrist fatigue.

The darker colors.

The lighter colors.

Mario's M is on the red one.

There's a Triforce on the green one.

Thanks to Deric Miller for the info and pics!


decoymanOctober 26, 2006

Rock on, Deric, thanks for the pics. I might have to go buy something!

Nick DiMolaNick DiMola, Staff AlumnusOctober 26, 2006

Bring on the Wii! I love this time right before a console launches, and all the stuff slowly starts dribbling out. The excitement is building with each passing day.

TMWOctober 27, 2006

I...I already bought the dog tags and lapel pins. I put one on my coat.

I am such a geek.

BiLdItUp1October 27, 2006

I actually spotted these on eBay the other day...they waste no time ;]

scott@tentonstudios.comOctober 27, 2006

Are Target Stores pretty spot on with Launching things on their propper launch dates?

There is one right near my house and the other day I asked them if they were taking pre orders or anything and the guy there said I was the first person to even mention the Wii to him.

I'm hoping I can just walk in and snag one on launch day.

hudsonhawkOctober 27, 2006

Target is a good place to get stuff on launch day, at least where I am. They seem to get just as many consoles as the big electronics / gaming places, but they don't attract as many line-waiters as Best Buy, Circuit City, and the like.

Tuxedo.BondOctober 27, 2006

Those Wii "gloves" interest me. I didn't know about this feature of the Wiimote. It might help keep scratches off.
I wonder if there will be a hard plastic case for the remote that is meant to help protect it from drops and stuff.

CericOctober 27, 2006

Whats up with the organizer?

I caved and bout the small organizer. It's awesome with the two included controller gloves and the way it'll let me store my Wiimotes vertically beside the Wii. It'll just mae an awesome showcase/centerpiece, and will also let me play around with allocating space in my dorm room for it's footprint.

The larger organizer comes with a CD game case (blech) and a larger version of the organizer with comes with a slot stand to put about 6 game cases in show-off style. But I rejected the idea of getting that because then the larger, more PS3-esque footprint defeats the purpose of a small console.

Oh, but that metal tin box that you can store the actual Wii console in? That tempted me.

~Carmine M. Red

FaithinchaosOctober 28, 2006

Yah, I'm gonna have to grab one of those spiffy tins.
Man, whats the deal with Nintendo and cool designs and merch?
Also, why isn't the Triforce Nintendo's official insignia yet? It looks right at home on - well, everything.

Smoke39October 28, 2006

Pink glove looks more appealing than I had anticipated.

CericOctober 28, 2006


"Why would you want to store your Wii like Cookies? For Baking Time Freshness?"

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