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Nintendo Announces Pokemon Trozei for the DS

by Lasse Pallesen - December 19, 2005, 12:53 pm EST
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In this puzzle game you have to "make Trozeis". Find out what that means inside.


New Pokemon Puzzle Game Lets Players Slide Into Fun

Dec. 19, 2005. You've got the slide rule, the water slide, the slide projector, the slide guitar and the Electric Slide. But none of them is nearly as fun as the new slide-action puzzle game for Nintendo DS(TM) called Pokemon(R) Trozei.

Nintendo systems have always been home to great puzzle games, and the additional abilities of Nintendo DS add a new dimension to game play.

Players use the touch screen to slide Pokemon puzzle pieces side to side or up and down. Lining up four in a row (vertically or horizontally) makes a "Trozei" and clears those pieces from the screen. When players create continuous Trozeis by lining up three in a row, then two in a row, they will clear the screen faster and increase their score.

Pokemon Trozei features two single-player modes and two two-player modes. As an extra bonus for Pokemon fans, players also try to add each of the more than 380 Pokemon featured in the game to their Trozei Lists. Pokemon(R) Trozei launches March 6.


Bill AurionDecember 19, 2005

How in the world are we even supposed to pronounce it? "Trow-zay"?

Touch-screen Yoshi's Cookie?

~Carmine M. Red

joshnickersonDecember 19, 2005

Oh BOO YAH yes! I've been waiting for this to be announced stateside since I saw some videos of the JP release. I would call it somewhat of a bastard child of Zoo Keeper, Meteos and Tetris Attack, all rolled into one. Plus, I really dig the funky retro art style.

nitsu niflheimDecember 19, 2005

Yep, sounds like a remake of Zoo Keeper (nothing wrong with that, as I love Zoo Keeper) with new plus'es and Pokemon thrown in for the better package.

Infernal MonkeyDecember 19, 2005

Is this developed by Am..brella.. or whatever they're called? The dudes that did Pokemon Channel. Because if so heart.gif

MarioDecember 19, 2005

Nope, it's developed by Genius Senority, made famous by the way they took all the fun and appeal out of Pokemon series in Pokemon Colloseum and Pokemon XD.

BranDonk KongDecember 19, 2005

I've already played this game on my NDS, at least the Japanese version called Pokemon Torouze. It's pretty fun. You can download the demo of the Japanese version and play it on your DS if you have the right equipment...or if you live in Japan. It's a lot like Meteos, but a little more advanced I suppose.

KDR_11kDecember 20, 2005

The demo rocks. Lots of havoc within.

vuduDecember 20, 2005


You can download the demo of the Japanese version and play it on your DS if you have the right equipment...
What is this equipment you speak of?

KDR_11kDecember 20, 2005

A WiFi card using the RAtech rt25x0 chipset. I thought we've gone through this procedure often enough?

BranDonk KongDecember 21, 2005

You might still be able to find a cheap one at newegg.com - that's the first thing I've bought from that site, and I use it all the time now, great prices. The one I got is Foxconn branded.

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