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Mutant Football League (Switch) Hands-on Preview

by Bryan Rose - June 27, 2018, 10:31 am EDT
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Save your quarterbacks.

I am really bad at football games, as the video you’re about to see will prove without a shadow of a doubt. But I have heard of Mutant League Football before. Based off a 1993 Sega Genesis game, Mutant League Football is a entirely different take on the extremely popular gridiron genre. While I was excruciatingly terrible at actually playing the game, the experience was pretty fun. There aren’t too many fantasy based football games, so Mutant League Football is already in a league of its own.

If you have played the arcade style gameplay of NFL Blitz before, this reboot will feel instantly familiar. Everything is streamlined so all you really need to do is choose a team, pick the play you want to go with, and you’re off. Even as someone who barely knows what a touchdown is, everything is so simple to execute that, with enough time, anyone can get into the fast-paced gameplay.

One thing to remember is this isn’t like any other football game out there. Unlike other football games, where your players could get injured, the football players in this game can get killed if a play goes wrong. I learned this the hard way when I lost the game because the other team killed all of my quarterbacks. There’s also traps and other devices that can impede a play if you don’t avoid them. This is probably my favorite part of the game -- these kind of devices make Mutant Football League feel much more like a video game compared to a faithful representation of American football. Creativity like this is always a plus in my book.

One of the key differences between Mutant League Football and other games is the kind of plays you choose. You can choose from normal plays you’d see in any football game, but there’s also some plays where you can cheat, like assault a referee or use a shotgun. It’s so bizarre and out there that I love it.

I feel like people who enjoy a more fast paced, streamlined version of football games will enjoy Mutant League Football when it arrives on the Switch later this year. While I wasn’t any good (probably because, as someone told me, I picked the worst team in the game), I still had a fun time playing it. Plus, the few one liners I saw in between gameplay were pretty funny. This is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously, and in a sea of football games that put themselves in high regard, this is a nice change of pace.

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Genre Sports
Players1 - 4

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na: Mutant Football League
Release Oct 30, 2018
PublisherNighthawk Interactive
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