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Gaining Experience Without Points in The Legend of Legacy

by Neal Ronaghan - October 5, 2015, 12:49 pm EDT
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The upcoming Atlus RPG has a unique progression structure that isn’t quite your normal RPG.

If there’s one constant I’ve grown accustomed to through my years of playing Japanese RPGs, it’s that of the experience point. Sure, it takes different forms in some case, but throughout most games, whether it’s Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem, or Bravely Default, I could bring up a menu and see how many points there were to go before the next level or ability. Experience points are a staple. They’re perpetual. They’re almost always growing. That’s not really the case in Atlus and FuRyu’s The Legend of Legacy, which is due out October 13 on 3DS.

Inspired by the SaGa series, which I only ever played under the guise of a Final Fantasy game that wrinkled my 8-year-old brain, The Legend of Legacy doesn’t feature any sort of experience points. There are levels through the three stances (attack, guard, and support) and the only way to increase them is to use the stances in battle. So, for example, in my game, the frog prince Filmia has become an attacking powerhouse because I primarily just use the attack stance with him. The alchemist Eloise is wonderful at supporting my team with spells and healing. And the elementalist Meurs has turned into a defensive powerhouse with a variety of shield abilities built up from keeping him in the guard stance. And from what I’ve heard, I somewhat broke the recommended builds for these characters, but because I just used them for one stance for a while, they became proficient in whatever I wanted. It’s very similar to a job system.

Outside of the stances, which are the closest to a traditional level this game offers, you also can build up each character’s proficiency with different weapons. When you do that, they learn new abilities for those weapons. But like the stances, it just levels up randomly. There is some rhyme and reason to it; your levels, HPs, and stats have a higher tendency to increase when you’re facing tougher enemies. Even still, you can’t necessarily predict what will unlock and when. However, when you get a new ability at the perfect time in a boss fight, it feels incredible.

The whole idea of The Legend of Legacy is about exploring an old world rife with secrets and obstacles. What better way to explore that old world than by doing it with gameplay mechanics that seem to mimic the tone and feel of the game. This 3DS RPG is very simply a nonlinear adventure with many untamed worlds to explore, and the battle system, with its seemingly random level-up system, fits wonderfully.

The best way to sum up The Legend of Legacy in advance of our full review this Friday might be like this: it kind of feels like Bravely Default if you stripped the story from it and made the job system less transparent.


ClexYoshiOctober 05, 2015

Yup. this is the Bravely Default version of an Akitoshi Kawazu game. Hopefully without the distinct ire for the player in hiding plot crucial items in skipable chests, having dungeons meant for other characters' stories that don't have a reward if you venture to the bottom with on a different character's plotline, or the complete disrespect fo rthe player's tiem or commitment by hiding shit behind an RNG and rediculous bullshit. nothing worse than when your'e playing romancing SaGa 5 levels deep into a dungeon, your character learns a really good technique, but a random encounter kills your party and then you don't end up learning that technique for the rest of the playthrough.

Have I mentioned I dislike SaGa?

Evan_BOctober 06, 2015

Stripping the story from Bravely Default is an act that would greatly improve the game in  a number of ways, so I'll take that as a compliment for Legend of Legacy.

JonOctober 06, 2015

Super excited for this! I really like the battles and I especially like the emphasis on exploration.

By healing your party after battles, they make it much easier to fully fill in the map without having to constantly go back to the inn, stock up on healing items, etc... They really cut out a lot of the fag of JRPGs. Seems the a lot of JRPGs have been doing that recently

Triforce HermitOctober 06, 2015

So FF2 with a predetermined class set of three? Works for me.

RPG_FAN128October 06, 2015

And here I was saying just a few months ago that "Final Fantasy 2 mechanics have never really been used since."  After playing through Final Fantasy this summer, I was tempted to play FF2 again as well.  But the leveling-up-mechanics memories started giving me a headache so I opted out.  Don't get me wrong, I liked the game...BUT....that one dungeon where you are stuck for a while has that enemy that instant KO's your characters who have a "multiple of 5" stat.  (Sorry that was extremely vague)  Well unlucky for me 3 of my characters had such a stat....OH!  And we were playing a game with essentially no way of leveling up and changing said stat.  Hence every battle seemed to be a boss battle trying to cope with 75% of my characters always dead. 

I sure hope Legend of Legacy has no such broken areas like that.  I've had it pre-ordered for a while so it's release has sneaked up on me.  I need some new RPG's for my system.  ^_^

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