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Project Giant Robot E3 Hands-on Preview

by Neal Ronaghan - June 10, 2014, 2:01 pm PDT
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Miyamoto's weird Rock'em Sock'em Robot-like game is big on goofy spectacles.

Project Giant Robot is a weird game. To begin, you can customize your robot on the GamePad by selecting a headpiece, body, and legs, and then altering the length, width, and depth. You can make a weird big-headed creation, but then you might fall down easily. You can make one with a disturbingly skinny head. You can make an awkward, tall, thin one. The choice is yours.

After you create your robot, you go through four different stages of robot combat, fighting other seemingly randomly-generated robots. The way your robot controls is very unique, as you move forward by holding the R button and back up by holding the L button. You have a laser that you can shoot with the A button that is more annoying than damaging to the opponent. Punching, which is your primary means of attack, is executed by moving the left and right sticks (representing each hand) and you give your punches momentum by moving the GamePad. It sounds off-putting, but it is more fluid when you have your hands on it. The one thing I kept on doing, though, is holding the left stick when I was moving. That's more of a bad habit on my part (I'm used to left sticks moving forward!), but it was something that kept me in sticky situations where one arm was outstretched.

The goal of each stage is to knock down the other robots before you fall down, which is done by punching them and using the environment to drag them to the ground. It's a bit of a thrill trying to do this, especially as you and the other robot are locked into each other. It actually reminded me of the hidden Sportsfriend game Get On Top (for the people who even know what that is), as it is based more on momentum and placement than it is raw attack power.

I'm not entirely sure what the full game experience for Project Giant Robot would be at this stage, but my interest is piqued. Miyamoto's making a giant robot game, and it seems like whatever final form it takes, it will use the GamePad in a unique, fun way.


azekeJune 10, 2014

Premise with building robots reminded me of Monster Lab Wii game.

marvel_moviefan_2012June 10, 2014

I hate to say it but seeing all these new Miyomoto games makes me afraid that Nintendo dies with him.

SorenJune 11, 2014

Look who I found in the video Nintendo posted today. (at 30s in)


UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorJune 11, 2014

The title of this game seems to be sorely missing a colon. ;)

Psst I'm also in that video at about 19 seconds in. :-)

Quote from: UncleBob

The title of this game seems to be sorely missing a colon. ;)

Project Giant: Robot.

azekeJune 11, 2014

Yesterday's video with Treehouse guy playing this was hilarious:

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