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Pull Pull Pullpy

by Danny Bivens - May 26, 2011, 8:55 am EDT
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Pull, pull, pull your Pullpy, gently on your DS?

Pull Pull Pulpy is the third title released from the Nintendo Game Seminar and was available for download in Japan from May 11 through May 26. While the first two titles from the seminar had a space motif, Pull Pull Pullpy takes a different approach, as a character based action puzzle game. Players take control of Pullpy, a denizen of a country in the clouds. One fateful day, as Pullpy is sleeping, he accidentally tumbles out of the clouds to the land below. It is the player’s job to navigate Pullpy up the nearby mountain so he can return to his home amongst the clouds.

Visually, Pull Pull Pullpy is very appealing, with a pastel visual appearance reminiscent of Yoshi's Island. It is very colorful and cheerful, and is a great looking DS title. From the character sprites to the prologue, this game just oozes this cute and colorful style. The sound effects and music are also akin to what was found in Paper Mario and Yoshi's Island. The music is calm and cheery, and the bite size sound clips for Pullpy are similar to something that might have been uttered by Yoshi in the titles of yesteryear. The presentation is top notch and will make you forget that this is a student made game.

The controls and concept behind Pullpy are quite simple.

The controls in Pull Pull Pullpy are somewhat unique. To play the game, you turn your DS on its side (ala Brain Age) and hold it like a book. Controlling Pullpy is easy – you interact with the gooey creature on the touch screen, and guide him through the various obstacles around the level. Each level consists of small planetoids that you use to make your way to the goal. The “Pull Pull” part of the title comes into the picture as the player is able to pull Pullpy to these other planetoids. Pullpy can also stick to smaller discs located between the planetoids and use them to propel him to normally out of reach areas. There are a few different enemies that Pullpy must avoid throughout the levels, such as a thunder cloud that literally spits out a one eyed tire-like creature, moving fireballs, and what appears to be a green tornado. Pullpy has three heart containers, meaning that after taking three hits, you have to restart the level. All of the action takes place on the touch screen, while the other screen keeps track of hearts, time, and statistics.

There are a number of stars scattered throughout each level that players need to collect to achieve a higher rank at the end of each level, displayed in the form of medals – either bronze, silver, gold. Stages are also timed, but no matter how fast or slow you clear a level, the rankings are based only on the amount of stars that you collect. There are a total of seven stages in the main game, plus one more which is unlockable after you complete the main quest. The levels themselves start off ridiculously simple but gradually get harder over the course of the game.

You can spend all day pulling Pullpy. He doesn't mind...

Pull Pull Pullpy is a visually impressive, fun game. The early levels are incredibly easy, but by the time you get a chance to play the final level, the difficulty is kicked up a notch and really shows what kind of potential this title has. Unfortunately, since Pull Pull Pullpy was developed during the Nintendo Game Seminar, we may never have a chance to see the concept fully realized.


CericMay 26, 2011

Sounds like it is ready to be a DSiWare game.

"The controls and concept behing Pullpy are quite simple."
You misspelled behind in the caption as behing.

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jpn: Pull Pull Pullpy
Release May 11, 2011
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