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Wii Fit Plus

by Neal Ronaghan - June 7, 2009, 1:33 pm EDT
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Are Tilt City, Birds-eye Bullseye, and Perfect 10 fun balance games? Read on to find out.

In an effort to avoid having a really long set of impressions, I'm going to spread my Wii Fit Plus balance game impressions over two different articles. This is the second article. For the first, go here

Tilt City was one of the nine balance games playable at E3 2009. It is an interesting concept that gets tricky as you move on. Different colored balls drop down into the playing field and using the Wii Remote and Balance Board, you have to make them drop into the pipe of the same color. What makes it tricky is when multiple balls come out and you need to tilt the Wii Remote one direction and shift your weight the other way on the Balance Board.

Birds-eye Bullseye was the favorite balance game amongst most of the NWR staff. In it, you control a Mii in a chicken suit as they flap their way to various bullseyes. It was reminiscent of Monkey Target from Super Monkey Ball, but instead of a normal controller, you flapped while on the Balance Board.

This game shows off how well the Balance Board works because all it instructs you to do is flap your wings like a chicken and fly to different pillars with bullseyes on them; there are no Wii Remotes involved. It reads your shifting weight as you flap, or bounce up and down if you don't want to get to into it. It's a lot of fun and even more fun to watch other people do it. Let it be known that apparently our own Zach Miller is some sort of Birds-eye Bullseye idiot savant.

The last game I tried was Perfect 10, which was shown at the Nintendo press conference. There are three to four balls around your Mii with different numbers on it. You need to hit those balls with your Mii's butt to select or deselect them so they total 10. You do this by shifting your weight in four directions. It requires quick thinking and the ability to swing your hips from side to side.

My only problem with it was that it was hard to center yourself without having an errant hip thrust. Sometimes you'd end up leaning in one direction and you'd center yourself only to hit the one across from it. Although, maybe that is the point and I have a poor center of gravity.

There were two other playable games that I did not play: Island Cycling and Rhythm Parade. Hopefully other staff members will chime in on these other games.

Out of the seven balance games I played, I enjoyed almost all of them. Hopefully Wii Fit Plus will be priced reasonably and I'll be able to enjoy these balance games this fall.

Zach flies around.


ThomasOJune 07, 2009

How does Tilt City actually work, and how do both the Wii Remote and the Balance Board come into play? Is it similar to Table Tilt in Wii Fit?

Anything that is like Monkey Target is worth trying out.

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterJune 07, 2009

The chicken suit makes this an epic win for me.

The chicken suit is easily the best thing in Wii Fit.

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