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Nintendo Theme Park Ideas


by Justin Berube - June 3, 2015, 10:29 am PDT

Various Nintendo themed rides.

Rides are the staple of most theme parks and the world of Nintendo offers endless possibilities. We have come up with several rides that we would love to see at a Nintendo portion of Universal's theme parks. Sure, some of these are less likely than others, but that doesn't mean we want to see them any less. So enjoy reading through our thoughts and make sure to add some of your own suggestions in the Talk Back section below.


Donkey Kong Country Mine Cart Coaster

The Mine Cart stages are some of the most notorious levels found in the Donkey Kong Country series. Some people love them and others hate them. Either way, a mine cart based coaster ride would be fantastic.

Just imagine racing through on a track that features surrounding scenery based on the Donkey Kong Country universe. Oh yeah, I want to see Kremlings on this thing. Stop ignoring them Nintendo!


Mario Kart Battle Mode Bumper Cars

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a realistic Mario Kart battle mode, then this ride is for you. Imagine driving around a bumper car arena, but with a twist. I think this ride would really stand out if some flat digital item blocks appeared on the ground. If a rider drives over it, a random item could be added to their kart on a screen. Drivers could then earn points for doing damage to other karts in the arena.

Green Shells could be shot forward like a bullet. Triple Shells could be like a shield that would damage anyone that bumps into a driver. Red shells would home in on other drivers. Get a star and earn tons of points for hitting anyone. There are many possibilities.


F-Zero Grand Prix Race

This ride could be a competitive race as well as a ride. Throw a few racers into some F-Zero modeled cars on a set track, and then let them race each other at top speeds.

While this will be a standard track ride, I think giving the drivers a way to pull ahead and to increase their top speed would be great. While they are being flung around the track the drivers should have some sort of simple, yet somewhat challenging, WarioWare like mini-game to play on a screen built into the steering wheel. If the player succeeds they will get an F-Zero style boost for a few seconds. Upon completion of the race the racers could buy a replay of the race to take home.


Metroid Zebes Recovery Mission

You are a member of the Galactic Federation and are being sent to Zebes with a team of other Federation troops to assist with the recovery. You will take an on rails track tour of all the different zones of the planet including Brinstar, Norfair, Maridia, and Tourian.

This tour won’t be peaceful though. As your team goes through the wrecked planet they will have to shoot and take out any dangerous wildlife as well as finish off any remaining Space Pirates. Make it through alive and shoot to search for hidden secrets and power ups found in the environment. At the end of the tour you will be awarded a score and certificate based on your team’s effort. Oh, and who knows. Maybe Samus will show up somewhere along the line.



ncenterinJune 03, 2015

Pokemon Snap and Donkey Kong mines are the best

Pokemon Snap http://prollow.com/photo/details/2116/
DK Mines  http://prollow.com/photo/details/2120/

SundoulosJune 03, 2015

I don't think I've been to Universal in nearly two decades, so I'm not sure what is currently there.  I would think that a Luigi's Mansion ride or haunted house would be a given.  I could see a Starfox/Metroid themed ride that is sort of a shoot'em up/ core attack "dark" ride for kids similar to the Buzz Lightyear
Star Command ride in the Magic Kingdom; a Starfox themed simulator ride would be awesome, too. 

I could see something like a Zelda-themed maze/labyrinth with simple puzzles or obstacles. 

scwinsettJune 03, 2015

The first thing I thought of after Mario kart go cart racing was like a Big world pikmin thing. Sort of like disney world's honey I shrunk the kids thing.

jayarJune 05, 2015

How 'bout some Zelda soup? I can be the only one who's always wanted to try it.

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