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Our Pokémon X/Y Teams

by Neal Ronaghan - October 28, 2013, 11:48 am PDT
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Wonder what teams the NWR staff are taking through Pokémon X and Y?

With every Pokémon game comes, usually, a brand new batch of Pokéfriends to play with and enjoy. Whether you're after an adorable Froakie or a world-killing and ass-kicking Hawlucha, every Pokéchoice is made for a Pokéreason. So, a bunch of Nintendo World Report staffers have offered up their rosters for the world to see, along with a brief explanation of why they chose them.

Let us know your team in the comments below!

Neal Ronaghan's Team
  • Bowie the Greninja
  • Iggy the Charizard
  • Hawkguy the Hawlucha
  • Clyde the Malamar
  • Honer the Aegislash
  • Janis the Florges

My team has remained relatively consistent since the third gym. Greninja and Charizard, named after my two cats, were always destined to figure into my end game. Charizard X is super awesome and Greninja is a dark frog, which is rad. No one can mess with a luchador hawk, and the Dark/Psychic fury of Malamar (who evolves from Inkay in a most ridiculous fashion) is hards to top. Aegislash and Florges round out my team because Ghost/Steel was better than I expected, and Florges' solid Fairy-type abilities take the spot of my usual Grass-type Pokémon.

Josh Max's Team
  • Crystal the Crobat
  • Shellshocker the Blastoise
  • Psyman the Alakazam
  • Sunny the Roserade
  • Lex the Delphox
  • Grace the Gardevoir

The thing is I go out of my way to get a Crobat and Alakazam in almost every game. I'm sad I don't have a Dragonite or a Scizor yet, but I'll catch them eventually. My point is every couple years I have to wander around fields and delve into caves in order to find an adorable sleeping psychic fox thing and a bat with no eyes. I then love them unconditionally and we become best friends forever. I picked Fenniken because I liked the "mage" aspect to his evolutions. I picked Squirtle because I always go with Squirtle. Sorry Charizard lovers. As for Roserade and Gardevoir, I caught them early and they've treated me well in the past. So why not?

Mike Sklens' Team
  • Pikachu
  • Tyrunt
  • Braixen
  • Hawlucha
  • Wartortle
  • Skiddo

I beat the second gym. I'm taking my time. I have only ever played Pokémon casually and I really like X/Y for simplifying things down. This team is in flux, but contains my usual suspects of a starter because they are awesome, a Grass type because I love health-drain moves, an Electric because screw flying Pokémon, a water one but this time only because it's a Kanto starter, Tyrunt for now because he is new and a dinosaur, and Hawlucha because I need a flyer and I like Fighting type and have you seen Hawlucha it looks awesome.

Zach Miller's Team
  • Lucario
  • Blaziken
  • Aegislash
  • Salamence
  • Blastoise
  • Raichu
  • Aurorus
  • Haxorus

It's tough because I'm really not committing, just cycling through the last five, so they're all roughly 10 levels behind my dedicated trio.

Justin Berube's Team
  • Greninja
  • Chesnaught
  • Delphox
  • Diggersby
  • Talonflame
  • Vivillon

I chose to have the three evolved starters, which is something I usually do when playing through Pokémon games these days. Diggersby is a great HM slave. Talonflame is there for fly and for Sky Battles. Vivillon is used for his Stun Spore move which is helpful when trying to capture new Pokémon.

Andrew Brown's Team
  • Malachite the Gardevoir
  • Aegis the Chesnaught
  • Alexandria the Blastoise
  • Wildfire the Talonflame
  • Rocket the Pikachu
  • Combusken

I also have one of those panda things as an HM slave to bring out when I'm exploring.

Alex Culafi's Team
  • Greninja (My starter, he's great)
  • Pyroar (female -- definitely the Stoutland of this generation. So plain, but so damn reliable)
  • Hawlucha (lucha libre wrestlers are the coolest things ever and this guy is a damn monster with Flying Press)
  • Aurorus (My dino boy and a flying type's worst nightmare)
  • Venusaur (The objectively superior RBY starter is now a destroyer of all things fairy. I keep a stone on him in case someone is partial to fairies)
  • Aerodactyl (In Mega form, his speed and attack generally has the ability to sweep 50% of most of the teams I fight against. He's my lead sweeper and my secret weapon)

Justin Baker's Team
  • Venasaur (You know, because he's the best Pokémon ever.)
  • Gengar (Used to be Doublade, but I wanted to see Gengar's Mega Evolution.)
  • Pikachu (Come on...It's Pikachu!)
  • Lucario (Sometimes all you need to win is a nice punch to the face.)
  • Staraptor (Flying me where I need to go.)
  • Lapras (Surfs up!)

I still use the old school method of "Oh, that Pokémon looks cool, I guess I'll put it on my team," instead of actually planning out any sort of winning strategy. And yeah, I know I have more than one of the Pokémon that are just handed to you. Leave me alone; I'm lazy.

Becky Hollada's Team
  • Capt. Kid the Vaporeon (If only I could put a pirate hat on it.)
  • Beltaine the Bellossom (First name that popped into my head after Flowerhead. I think it was the better choice.)
  • Balrog the Talonflame (I think he became sufficiently cool for this name.)
  • Masamune the Doublade (Way too many JRPGs at work here.)
  • Sparky the PIkachu (I have had a Pikachu named Sparky since Pokemon Blue...)
  • Delphox (The only Pokemon without a nickname because I made a bet with my best friend that I could, for once, go without nicknames. I clearly lost.)

I like to keep a team balanced with types, but I also have a habit of choosing my team based on what I think looks cool or (girl alert) adorable. Other than that, I just wing it. EV training is for people who don't have Hometown Story to play.

Kim Keller's Team
  • Delphox (pretty solid)
  • Doublade (ghost swords! slash slash!)
  • Pidgeot (always my flying Pokémon of choice)
  • Venusaur (never chose a grass starter before)
  • Haxorus (his false swipe is catching everything for me right now)
  • Gyarados (RAWR!!!)

I don't go for crazy strategy, I just like having fun with my team and crushing the dreams of trainers across Kalos. I've been switching it up among like 12 Pokémon, but right now, that's my team.

James Dawson's Team
  • Rodan the Aerodactyl (I doubt a better name for an Aerodactyl exists. Rodan was always one of my favorite Toho monsters.)
  • Gyaos the Noivern (Like Rodan, Gyaos is also a reoccuring character in old monster movies, though he fights Gamera instead of Godzilla.)
  • Doublas the Barbaracle (Barbaracle may have three heads, but he instantly reminded me of the iconic, two-headed mechanical beast, Doublas, from Mazinger Z. He probably has my favorite design of all the new Pokémon.)
  • Gorgon the Pyroar (No, I didn't name my Pyroar after the mythical beast Gorgon, but the far cooler Archduke Gorgon from Great Mazinger. Go ahead, Google him. Dude has a saber-toothed tiger for a body.)

I'm still working on my team; I'm EV training and breeding for natures (all of my friends are doing it, so why not). I currently have four EV trained Pokémon on my team, all of whom are level 50 and above. I'm trying to keep a theme of naming them after old kaiju and creatures from anime and tokusatsu series.


CericOctober 28, 2013



Just Raichu.  Their are other good well leveled pokemon but, for the last 3 gyms and all battles inbetween I haven't needed them.  Also for everyone with Hawlucha.  I actually leveled my Raichu for the sole purpose of defeating Hawlucha originally.

CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterOctober 28, 2013

I'd like to battle everyone of I could just get a few more Pokemon trained.

Do any members or staff have Chancey in their friend Safari?

Evan_BOctober 28, 2013

MassivePOWA- Azumarill
Best Aqua Jet in the game, learns Superpower and Play Rough with an atrocious attack stat.

Deception- Lucario
BOOM! Resists Fairy and strikes back with a Poison Jab.

Santa Claws- Abomasnow
My preferred Mega Evolution- once you get the fire threats out of the way with Azumarill, Claws here walls just about anything with a crazy defense stat. Took an Earthquake for 12 damage in an online match once.

Reliable scout with high speed that plays very risky against Fairy teams and any Dragon Dancer. A bit unfortunate.

Sir Sneaks- Gengar
Gengar remains once of the best coverage options against any team, sweeping with Focus Blast whenever they least expect it.

Overdrive- Electivire
One of my favorites, Electivire has a special spot for wrecking teams in the late game.

Who knows when this guy is going to come in? NO ONE. And that's why Zoroark is so awesome.

Phalanx- Scolipede
No one expects Scolipede to come in. But resisting fighting and fairy is a detriment and a fun one, to boot.

LanceosxOctober 28, 2013

Charizard (with Charizardite Y)
Pikachu (of course)
Pancham (HM slave)

The final spot I round out with Lucario, Combusken or Psyduck depending on my mood lol

I've beaten 3 gyms so far, taking my time because this game is so good I'm in no hurry for it to end!

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterOctober 28, 2013

let's see, this is my main team but I have a few more toys you might see if you face me.

*likely to be replaced

pandaradoxOctober 28, 2013

Deku - Trevenant

Ifrit - Chandalure

Epoch - Driflim

Masa - Pangoro

Mune - Aegislash

Gorz - Gengar

Mainly going for a Ghost Theme.  I started the game with Pancham and Honedge and essentially roleplayed like they were my starters (A cute Emo Panda with a Demon Sword... what's not to like?)  Then added everyone as I came across them.  It has been an extremely rewarding experience with these guys though.  My team is all contained in Premiere Balls too (Except Gengar, but I'm remedying that this week). 

I've always thought that the game would be interesting if the main character sought to become a gym leader.  At least that'd make an interesting anime as he/she would learn to adapt to the advantages and disadvantages of the type he likes so much. 

iDraTionOctober 28, 2013

I'm upset that I never thought to name my pokemon after Toho monsters.  Such a good, simple idea!

Right now, I've got 3 teams going:

Team Chikara Pro - Brodie the Chesnaught, Icarus the Delphox, Sweeney the Froakie, Hydra the Aurorus, Saturyne the Hawlucha and DragonDragon the Goodra.
- Brodie is a hoss bai gawd, Icarus is a bit of a tricky sort, Sweeney works well from above, Hydra keeps dying, Saturyne because my Hawlucha was a luchadora (or I would've called it El Dandy) and DragonDragon should be obvious.

Team TVTropes - Dios the Aegislash, Cthulhu the Malamar, Bullet Bill the Clauncher, Simba the Heliolisk, Denver the Tyrantrum and Puck the Sylveon
- Collection of references to anime, mythology, video games... and Denver the Last Dinosaur.

Team Fanservice - Bellandy the Florges, Sam the Pangoro, Misato the Meowstic, Deathstrike the Barbaracle, Sharon the Dragalgae, Kamiya the Noivern
- A fairy, a wild animal, my next cat (and a fine example of fanservice), Deathstrike works well as a female with claws, Dragalgae is as poisonous as Sharon Stone's character in Basic Instinct and Kamiya is the sole male who gives amazing speeches (Boomburst).

TheBigKOctober 29, 2013

I'm at post-game, so my team is not really well-formed at the moment... Magikarp and Aegislash for catching Dittos in the Friend Safari for breeding, and Fletchinder for hatching eggs.

I ended the main story with:

Mozilla - Delphox
I always start with Fire, and this was no exception. Nice secondary Psychic typing and great speed. Fast, strong, and reliable.

Toxic - Nidoking
This guy was a beast! Poison Jab wrecked the Fairies and Dig/Earthquake destroyed everything else. The +10 to his Attack base stat this gen is really evident. Definitely the MVP of my team.

Hexcalibur - Aegislash
Swords Dance + Shadow Sneak was an awesome combo. His stupidly high defenses allowed him to set up, then he proceeded to wreck shit up. Fainted maybe once or twice throughout the whole playthrough.

Static - Ampharos w/ Mega Stone
The Mareep line are my favourite Electric types, so I usually go for them if available. I found Mega Ampharos to be a bit underwhelming, though. Slow as balls and just didn't seem to hit all that hard, despite the 165 base Special Attack. Maybe it was from the lack of Electric-weak Pokémon around. That's how it seemed to me, anyway.

Chill - Lapras
Wartortle just wasn't cutting it for me, so I switched to Lapras as soon as I got it. Great bulk, awesome movepool, and a much-needed Ice STAB were this guy's hallmarks. Oh, and the custom Surfing model was pretty cool too. Reminded me of GSC.

Infection - Dragalge
Poison/Dragon is a type combo I've been hoping for forever and as soon as I learned of this guy's existence, I hopped on the GTS and grabbed a Skrelp to breed, as I have X. Too bad she was pretty underwhelming in battle. Mediocre Special Attack, slow as molasses, but such a cool design and typing! I couldn't resist, despite type redundancy with my other team members. Probably should have stuck with Tyrantrum...

ClexYoshiOctober 31, 2013

Well, I might as well throw mine in while we're all enjoying the pokemon team bragging fun.

Sgt. Keroro:

Species: Politoed
Ability: Drizzle
Timid @ Damp Rock

Ice Beam
Focus Blast

Overview: With auto-weather's big nerf, Politoed isn't nearly as powerful and almighty as it was in the 5th generation of pokemon. it still makes a very capable rain starter and still hits pretty darned hard with water STAB. At the time, I did need a surf pokemon and I didn't feel like keeping basic water travel to an HM Slave. the additional bonus with the team's triple battle synergy and surf works in the end, I suppose over hydro pump. Also, I -HATE- having to carry Focus blast for a coverage move.

Pvt. Tamama

Species: Seismitoad
Ability: Swift Swim
Modest @ Expert Belt

Earth Power
Hydro Pump
Grass Knot

Overview: Given Drizzle's Nerf and the fact that testing is still being done, I'm not afraid to abuse Swift Swim with Drizzle for now. Honestly, Seismitoad isn't the best pokemon, but I wanted a Water/Ground for electric nullification and something that could provide some fun coverage for the team. Toxic might get dropped later for Ice Beam or stealth rocks should the need arise. Viva la GTS and Breeding!

Cpl. Giroro

Species: Toxicroak
Ability: Dry Skin
Adamant @ Black Sludge

Drain Punch
Sucker Punch
Poison Jab

Overview: Toxicroak is a pokemon I always loved and it got to really shine in the rain teams of 5th gen for having a really nice durability and working as a great countermeasure for most pokemon that owuld look to abuse the rain against you. he switches in fine on Grass and Water moves, gets a bit of Dry Skin recovery on a turn of fake out, and then sits there and survives most blows by drain punching all the damage back. Normally, Ice or Thunder Punch would be carried for a coverage move, but I opted for Poison Jab on the account that it covers most faeries that aren't Klefki or Mawile. Fake-Out might get dropped for Bulk-up or power-up punch in the future.

L cpl. Dororo

Species: Greninja
Ability: Protean
Jolly @ Flying Gem

Water Shuriken
Rock Slide

Overview: This was the original Dororo's build, and I've since started rebreeding, but hey! I'm really impressed with Greninja and what it brings to the table with it's INCREDIBLY potent ability in Protean. Really, the things Greninja can't do are limited by the 4 move slots on a pokemon just keeping this thing from being an insane toolchest of a pokemon. If you do get a Protean Froakie, go with a +spd, - def/-S.Def nature to get the most out of this poke's mad speed and crazy ability. it's up to you if you want to outright sweep or do something a bit crazier. Also, Water Shuriken is a pretty crazy priority move when it gets that nice rain boost.


Species: Doublade
Ability: No Guard
Careful @ Evolite

Swords Dance
Shadow Sneak
Sacred Sword
Iron Head

Overview: Aegislash is a pokemon that plays EXCELLENT mind games with an unprepared opponent with the way it shifts from being a defensive to offensive powerhouse at the drop of a hat, not to mention the excellent typing that I'm pretty sure that they took a few resistances from Steel in order to balance.

I said sod to that, though!

Doublade has the same level of physical bulk as Aegislash and most of the physical attack. sure that Special defense is a tad bit lackluster, but that's nothing investing into it can't fix! combined with the evolite, and suddenly Doublade laughs off even the most CRUSHING of physical blows while it sets up a few swords dances. Even without any sort of reliable recovery, Doublade's near shuckle physical defense when paired up with Evolite lets it set up for devestating sweeps. this is especially true if it's opponent is trying to assail it with fire under the rain.


Species: Goodra
Ability: Hydration
Modest @ Leftovers

Dragon Pulse
Sludge Bomb

Overview: I instantly fell in love with Goodra's design the moment I saw it, so I knew I had to use one, and HEY! with Hydration, it fit the frog theme for my team rather snugly! I'm pretty sure this thing would have been considered crazy powerful in 5th gen before Fairy type and Drizzle nerf came along. Still, the same way that Lumina laughs off any physical assault, so too does Goodra shrug off special hits like they're nothing. Rest makes an excelent way to recover thanks to Hydration waking it up under rain. Draco Meteor isn't exactly conducive with trying to stay in and wall, so dragon pulse is chosen. I also wanted some sort of electric attack, so Lubi ended up getting that. Sludge Bomb helps it cover Fairy types, although there's a very big problem here with Ferrothorn being able to just about wall this poke out without fire blast, which conflicts with the rain.

LucarioOctober 31, 2013

Main team
Harry Potter- delfox
Lil squirt- Blastoise
Riley- raichu
Piggy- pidgeotto
Lucas- hmmm i wonder what that is ::)
Hopefully will replace piggy with banana joe Tropius and riley with my gengar when pokebank comes out!

LucarioOctober 31, 2013

Guess what moves my Lucario knows?

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