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Japan eShop Round-Up (04/11/2012)

by Danny Bivens - April 11, 2012, 10:57 am PDT
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Fire Emblem video madness, Tumblepop, and a downloadable cart racer appear on the eShop.

This week on the eShop, there is nearly 10 minutes of new Fire Emblem: Kakusei footage, as well as footage for some upcoming Wii titles and of course, downloadable games. Here is what gamers in Japan can access from the eShop today:

3DS Downloadable Content

Okiraku Cart 3D (Carefree Cart 3D) – 500 yen

Virtual Console

Tumblepop (Game Boy) – 400 yen

Video Content

Nintendo has been continually giving video updates for Fire Emblem: Kakusei, leading up to the release of the game. This week on the eShop, Nintendo released two videos (which were released as one video on the Nintendo Channel) highlighting the different units that will appear in the game. The ample number of units are listed in both English and Japanese. Feel free to check out the video below, as well as some of the latest commercials for the game.

A new introduction trailer for Rei: Makoto Kurenai no Chō (Project Zero/Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition) for Wii was also added. The video takes place in an eerie forest, as a young girl and her sister talk about a past accident. From there, things really start to get disturbing, as the girl's sister wanders off. She begins begins to follow her flashing, ghost-like sister through the woods. While the title already has a release date in Japan (June 28) and has been confirmed for Europe, there are currently no plans to bring this remake to North America. You had better break out your modified Wii to play this one, folks! In the meantime, enjoy the video below.

Software Impressions

Although I didn’t pick up any new software this week, one of the titles caught my eye. Okiraku Cart 3D might sound like the poor man’s Mario Kart, but after reading up on the game, and taking into consideration how much money you are paying, it actually doesn’t sound too bad. The Okiraku series of games are developed by Arc System Works and have been around for nearly four years in Japan, originally starting out on WiiWare. The whole point of this series of games is to provide gamers with an easy and fun experience that can be enjoyed with both friends and family. Okiraku Cart 3D, originally a WiiWare title, marks the first time the series is available on the Nintendo 3DS.

Okiraku Cart 3D features eight playable characters, eight different kinds of carts, and 12 courses. There are two modes, Grand Prix and Time Attack, and also three difficulty levels for players to choose from. The game also features online rankings that are used in conjunction with the Time Attack mode. Using the online rankings, players can see where they stand against other players in Japan.

As I mentioned, I have yet to play this game. However, if the controls are at least somewhat solid, 500 yen is definitely not a bad asking price Okiraku Cart 3D. 

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