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Resident Evil: Glossary

by Andrew Brown - February 2, 2012, 4:17 am PST
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A guide to the RE terminology.

New to Resident Evil? Returning veteran in need of a refresher? Simply want to get some facts straight before you dive into Capcom's next plot convolution? Well, look no further, NWR has you covered.

We present to you a handy index covering many of the terms you may come across in RE Revelations, to bring you up to speed so you can worry less about where you heard that name before and more about not becoming mutant snacks.


TurdFurgyFebruary 02, 2012

Hey, that was pretty helpful. I feel caught up now.
But no, I didn't see what you did there :(

CericFebruary 02, 2012

"Uroboros virus"
I didn't see this one in the virus section but its in the other one.

MagicCow64February 02, 2012

This omits the most formidable BOW of all: http://residentevil.wikia.com/Tofu

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