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by Danny Bivens, James Charlton, and Ty Shughart - October 29, 2015, 8:44 am EDT
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Does Halloween even exist in Japan? It does if you listen to this show!

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This is Thriller! Thriller Night! Actually no it isn't, it's the Famicast. Sorry for misleading you there, but we do have a Halloween themed show for you! In New Business Danny and JC continue fawning over Super Mario Maker and Splatoon, the latter of which Danny finally completed. James shares more of his thoughts on making levels and the best way to experience them. He also played the "impossible" level, how far did he get? You'll see!

News looks at the WiiU bundle situation around the world, what is the deal with those anyway? Why are they so relatively expensive? Inevitably, Reggie is blamed at some point. After new releases, Ty hits up another round of Fake or Real, can Danny's perfect streak continue? Let us know if you fair better/worse than the Famicrew.

The show rounds out with a nice little discussion on Halloween in Japan, scary games and what games have given us jump-scares in the past, it's sure to be a spoooooktacular time! I'm sorry.

Anyway, grab your Pamyu Pamyu pudding and let's get pumpkin crazy!

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ClexYoshiOctober 31, 2015


How's about The Baz in Soul Calibur V?

ClexYoshiOctober 31, 2015

also, they could re-release the DS game, as they replaced Conker and Banjo with Dixie and Tiny Kong respectively.

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)November 01, 2015

Wow, totally didn't know that! I completely passed on the DS version cos I heard it wasnt that good.
I'd like an N64 port with those character changes :)

ClexYoshiNovember 02, 2015

The main thing that makes DKR suck on DS is that they essentially tied a bunch of things like boost starts to Touch screen bullcrap... aaaand they changed Taj's voice to not be indian stereotype voice. They also added Taj and Wizpig as unlockables along with T.T. and Drumstick.

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