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Penchant for Puzzles: A StreetPass Story

by Neal Ronaghan - November 8, 2012, 1:18 pm EST
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Find Mii? Meh. I'm all about the Puzzle Swap.

At this point, StreetPass has been a part of my everyday life from more than a year and a half. I might not pass by people constantly, but I am fortunate to live in an area where I have a great StreetPassing community (StreetPass Princeton Represent!), and the chance to run into a random person every now and then. The one thing I look forward to with StreetPassing has remained consistent for almost a year: new puzzle pieces.

After getting the Kirby hat in Find Mii, I lost interest in getting more hats. Losing interest in getting hats makes the endless replaying of Find Mii 2 pointless and time consuming. Not even the ridiculous NES hat drives me forward, because the Kirby hat looks like my Mii has a pair of balls on top of his head. And that has yet to get old for my juvenile self.

What I look forward to is when I have a new puzzle. Today, I received the first piece of the Kirby's Return to Dream Land puzzle. Sure, it's from a game I wasn't crazy about that came out a year ago. I don't care; it is a new puzzle. For me, the reward is so tangible since you get to see a neat, sometimes-interactive 3D picture. After getting my first piece, I spent the next 15 minutes or so burning through 100 Play Coins to get as many pieces as I could (23 out of 40 so far). I'll likely spend another 15 minutes later today going through another 100 trying to get all of the regular pieces.

After getting all the puzzle pieces for the previous two puzzles last month, I have a reason to be excited for StreetPassing again. I'll seek it out and stop leaving my 3DS at home. I am no longer the white whale that people can pilfer puzzle pieces from (you're welcome, folks I StreetPassed at New York Comic Con). I am imperfect, scouring for those final few puzzles before my 3DS XL is whole again.

How do you use StreetPass? Are you a Find Mii fiend? Or are you like me and just freaking love puzzles? Sound off in the Talkback below!


FjurbanskiNovember 08, 2012

lol, I have never had a chance to use street pass at all.

Smalltown, USA.

Pixelated PixiesNovember 08, 2012

I'm in an area where if I'm lucky I'll get one street pass a week. I, therefore, have to rely on coins to purchase puzzle pieces; which is super frustrating because I often find myself burning through 10 - 20 coins without getting a single new piece.

As a result of the random element of paying for Puzzle pieces I've decided that my coins are better spent making progress in Streetpass Quest. I've yet to find a hat which is cooler than the Samus Helmet, but having a rare one is a nice way to show off to people you've Streetpassed with.

CericNovember 08, 2012

When I sent my 3DS in for service I guess it be last year. I lost all my Streetpass and I haven't yet recovered in what must now be double the time to that level.

My brother and I both own 3DS' and streetpass each other. I am so happy to not be an only child.

Now if only the cats would show some interest in videogames...

AttentiveDistractionNovember 08, 2012

I have a three Streetpass Communities within a drive away (one close, two far - but not too far) from one another. One of them is extremely active. The other two go active during spring and summer.
There's also one hidden Streetpass group near me - they rarely post when they're meeting up publicly and mostly stick to sharing each other's phone numbers and friend codes when they meet up and plan meetings through texts or SwapNote. They meet almost as often as the largest Streetpass group, but just never post it - so you have to find them...

So in all I have 4 Streetpass groups near me.
Getting a Streetpass during the weekends is easy - and if one wanted a LOT of Streetpasses, they just have to run into one of the groups during their weekend meet. Heck, even if we didn't have them, we're near a convention center which almost guarantees hundreds of Streetpasses at any game/anime/comic event!

I don't have as much Streetpasses as some people have in my area (and I lost about 150 of them when I got my 3DS returned from the repair shop), but I do have a lot.
That said: All my puzzles are complete and I'm only missing a few hats in Find Mii.
And if I get a new puzzle? I just have to wait a week or two for a weekend burst of new pink pieces from passersby.

Sounds like I'm bragging? ...only half.
The other half is being disappointed in not having enough Streetpass things to look forward to.
I can't afford anyone's gems in Kid Icarus Uprising (and it'd be such a waste to just crush them), I don't play Kingdom Hearts, I don't really care for challenging people's records in Mario Kart or NSMB2, without much customization the fights in Dead or Alive Dimensions are feeling stale after a while, it's been forever since I've gotten an awesome creature in Freakyforms (most just make a random mess of... ew), the figurine battle in SSFIV lost its charm A LONG TIME AGO (though I still check it), no one sends Streetpass SwapNotes, I haven't gotten Resident Evil Revelations yet (it keeps getting pushed back on my backlog), no one plays Rhythm Thief, aand... and... I think that's about it.
It would've been lovely if there was Streetpass features for MGS3D, PushMo, Dillon's Rolling Western, or even just a brand new game that doesn't just have competitive score/ghost/timer-record Streetpass functions... I like either competing against an avatar or trading items!
The only game I have to look forward to for this stuff is Animal Crossing....

When you have tons of Streetpasses from strangers, you then stop getting excited for the Mii Plaza stuff and just wish you could do more for the games you actually own...... You just wonder "Shoot, it would've been nice if I got something for this game."
And we all know how much Pokemon Black/White 2 could've benefited from Streetpass functions (without having to leave the game on)....

(And leaving my 3DS on and traveling isn't a problem. I have a 3rd party battery that lasts DAYS when it's shut, and 10 hours when it's open (with 3D and sound at max))

CaliforniaFloridianNovember 08, 2012

I work at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Getting StreetPasses is much easier at Disneyland/Disneys California Adventure than it is at Magic Kingdom/Epcot/Disneys Hollywood Studios/Disneys Animal Kingdom. Seems like more people have 3DSs at the California parks. Walking around Disneyland for an hour can easily net 10 StreetPasses in an hour. Maybe it's because WDW is more spread out...

Even though I have all the Puzzles currently completed, I enjoy StreetPassing in order to see where people are coming from. I have many Japanese territories, a few Canadian territories, around 40 states in the United States and StreetPasses from many other places around the world. I am looking forward to completing at least all the states.

If you are planning a Disney vacation, bring your Nintendo 3DS for some good StreetPass action.

I went from 210 coins to 12 in getting all the blue pieces on the Kirby puzzle today. Now I'm going to have a pink hole in my heart.

Then again, I was *ONE* piece from finishing the NSMB2 puzzle before.

joshnickersonNovember 08, 2012

Dammit, I still have like ten puzzles I have yet to fill up... You'd think being in a college town would yield more Streetpasses, but noooooo...

AVNovember 09, 2012

I think puzzles would be more fun if buying them had a higher chance of getting a new one and unique panels existed like japan.

Pixelated PixiesNovember 09, 2012

Quote from: Mr.

I think puzzles would be more fun if buying them had a higher chance of getting a new one and unique panels existed like japan.


ei8htbitNovember 09, 2012

I too had an obsession with the puzzle piece street pass collection. Whenever you get one of the special pink pieces that you can't buy with coins it just adds to the addiction of taking public transit or walking past 3DS displays at electronic stores, etc. for no other logical reason than the potential for acquiring the pieces you need to complete the set.

Most frustrating part ever? when you have just one more piece to go to complete a panel and you spend your daily limit of 10 streetpass coins and receive the same repeat piece 3 times in a row. That hurts. Especially when it's followed up with 2 other dud pieces and every other streetpass that day had no new pieces for you. Those are the dark times. The times when you feel so low you might even play that free copy of Steel Diver you got when you pre-ordered that other game from Best Buy that one time. And then it gets very lonely, and dark, like that last EFFing room in the tower of FindMii where you burn through 40 Streetpass Miis because nobody ever chooses the colour WHITE for their damn shirt and you can't light up the room unless you randomly score a wandering hero that's white that you spend your precious streetpass coins on.

When you wake up the next morning face down on the floor and the warmth of the sun reminds you that today is a new day and 10 more streetpass coins and the promise of unknown numbers of new streetpass tags lay in wait, you feel whole again. And the cycle continues..

Approximately 570 days of 3DS ownership has earned me two completions of FindMii and 18 completed puzzle panels with a total of 465 pieces collected on puzzle swap. Once I completed the 18th panel I felt an overwhelming sense of relief and freedom from the burden of feeding my StreetPass Machine. I am almost terrified to find a new streetpass that will earn me a new puzzle panel because I don't know if I can handle the pressure anymore;)

Is there an aggregate list of every available puzzle panels (North America at least) for 3DS? Oh god, the urges are starting again. Make it stop!!

For those who have not yet been sucked into this vortex I warn you, count yourself lucky.

Rubber Band AINovember 09, 2012

Yes, I have this puzzle addiction. The first year with my 3DS I was all about Find Mii but then, one fateful day, I realized I had hit the coin cap and so I decided to blow 100 or so on puzzle pieces - I haven't been the same since.

Find Mii, while cool, can be a pain to keep hammering away at while the rewards don't really do it for me. The puzzles are just fun and relaxing to collect and, since I take my 3DS to work with me everyday, I at least have coins to burn on them daily.

AVNovember 09, 2012

i would like to see maybe a slot machine variant to buying puzzles, you use coins to go to slot machine like mario 2 and if you win you get new piece, maybe select games come with puzzle panel for that game.

Got Mutant Mudds? You get a mutant muds puzzle panel as a accomplishment and others that panel who don't have the game if they street pass with you. Easy ad that most people won't mind.

imagine getting a panel for NSMB 2 after you get 1Million coins that has your mii and states you got 1 million coins and thats Bragging rights and panel for somebody else to be jealous of.

Find Mii 2 was a big advancement over the original, I suggest Puzzle panel 2 with updates I spoke of

Art_de_CatNovember 10, 2012

Puzzle Swap appealed to me more than Find Mii does, but there are certain hats I do like from that game.....I have always enjoyed hidden image type things, where you gradually reveal the image.

I hate that I live in a town where I dont get new streetpasses from people often.  The only ones i can count on are the ones in stores while they aren't on demo mode.  Which i am currently using to power through Secret Quest's last few trips.  I hate how if I have finished the puzzles I have, that i can't buy pink pieces or buy a starter piece for a puzzle that is currently available.  Thanks to a good passing today, finally got the sml3d puzzle, which leaves only two more puzzles I don't have. 

I wish they would allow for exchanging of pieces and Miis for Find Mii through Spotpass with your system's friends. Or release some more puzzles without pink pieces.  I like the idea behind them, but it just doesnt go well for people in a city that doesnt have a big 3ds population.

LittleIrvesNovember 11, 2012

I live outside of Boston and teach at two nearby colleges. The StreetPasses flow pretty well at each school, and I'll hit up a number of randoms and/or a few regulars with decent frequency. If you're starved for StreetPass action, come on up to Beantown and ride the T (subway) for awhile. That green glowing light still gives me a jolt of excitement.

And am I the only one who doesn't burn through his allotment of Play Coins to buy puzzle pieces? I'll buy a couple at a time, but otherwise I wait until I pass people. I understand that those without other 3DSs around would need to use the coins...  but I prefer the anticipation, the more organic feeling of trading pieces with real people.

And Find Mii hasn't gotten old yet. Once you start to pass a number or regulars, their increased stats can really help mow down those ghosts. Find Mii 2 is a big improvement. I just need to unlock one of the forked paths. But yes, a Puzzle Swap 2 with some new features would be most welcome. (Think they'll send out a Wii U one this week...?)

TJ SpykeNovember 12, 2012

If I only unlocked puzzle pieces with StreetPasses, I wold have like 1 puzzle complete. I don't run into other people with 3DS' very often. Because of that, I still haven't beaten Find Mii because some ghosts are very difficult to take down with jus level 1 heroes and I rarely StreetPass someone more than once (so I usually never get level 2, and my once have I gotten. Level 3).

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