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Why Do You Play Pokemon? 

by Josh Max - February 6, 2012, 8:49 am EST
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NWR talks about why they love the Pokemon franchise. 

Why do you play Pokémon? I have given my answer and now some of the staff on NWR wants to give theirs! Is it all about becoming the best? Is it about catching them all? What makes Pokémon that great game that keeps us coming back for more? Why do YOU play Pokémon?

Carmine Red - Well, duh, the POKéMON! The character design for these guys has always been great: emotive, safe, adventurous, cute, kitschy, yet universal. My best times have been when I really latch onto one of the guys and they become "my" Pokémon, not just some stats and graphics on the screen. I think a lot of Pokémon competitors don't achieve that same emotional response with their characters.

Andrew Brown - I love the exploration. I'm the curious type of person who in real life will randomly choose new roads to walk down just to see what's there, and in Pokémon this sense of curiosity is rewarded. There's always an item tucked away at a dead end or around a corner, or a new trainer waiting to ambush people down the seemingly quiet nature path, or most exciting, the potential of a new Pokémon you haven't seen before hiding in the grass.

James Dawson - I keep coming back to Pokémon because of the connection that I’m able to forge with my team. Sure, they’re nothing more than data on a cartridge, but there is something about spending hours upon hours on a journey with them that causes me to become attached. Of course, because I’m reluctant to retire some of my weaker Pokémon, I’ve never really been able to play the game competitively, but that’s a consequence I’m willing to endure if it means that my overall experience with the series is more memorable because of it.

Pedro Hernandez - I play Pokémon for the sense of adventure and discovery. These worlds are so simple, yet so captivating; it is easy to spend hours exploring it all. There is a reason why people have come up with theories, horror stories, parodies, essays, and more on this world. You have a world ruled by these supernatural creatures that are directly linked to the delicate fabric of time and space, a world where you can capture these creatures and use them for good and evil. With instances like “Gary's Raticate” where you begin to wonder whether all of this is worth it. You have the Lavender Town stories where even though it deals with cute little creatures, it talks about the delicate balance of life and death. Then there are the Unown—creepy creatures that are once again linked to the spiritual existence of this world.

Alex Culafi - If I had to say, I think the reason I play Pokémon is for the sense of escape that the game offers. Pokémon put me in the shoes of a kid with a hat who was my age. Hell, that kid was me. In real life, I am (was) a ten year old who goes to school, watches cartoons, and has a fascination with dinosaurs and UFOs. In Pokémon, I can be an explorer, a warrior, a monster tamer, a world champion, AND a ten year old. Being such a great game, real life even found a way to bleed in now and again. My real life friends were part of similar adventures, and duels of strength and wits frequently took place over link cable to see who was superior for that lunch period. And having an older brother who was prone to teasing the younger one, sibling rivalry caused him to become my in-game rival on at least three occasions, causing him to always be one step ahead until I finally showed him up during the championship battle.

(Josh again) I think that's what makes Pokémon such a great series; it's the fact that it has so many appealing attributes to it. Oh, and if you're wondering about that picture up top, it's because today's a special day. Happy birthday, Mewtwo!

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