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Happy 20th Birthday NWR!

by the NWR Staff - March 7, 2019, 6:38 am EST
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We can almost drink!

On this day, twenty years ago, Billy Berghammer began the website that would grow into what we all know as NintendoWorldReport.com. Join us as we revisit the history of our site and give thanks to all of you for twenty years of love and support.


azekeMarch 07, 2019

Here's to 100 more.

WanderleiMarch 07, 2019

Well done all.

I'm not a NWR forum old timer, but have been here before the Wii U dark days. 

Thank you to those who founded the site long before I came across it from a co-worker recommendation, those who work on the written, podcast, and video content, and to the people who frequent the site.  NWR is one of the few spots I hit on the internet regularly because of the community that's developed here, and it's been a wonderful experience to contribute to the discussion taking place, even if it's slower than it has been at past times. 

NWR is one of the bright spots of the internet, and I hope to be coming here 20 years from now and see that it's plugging along as strong as ever.

Ian SaneMarch 07, 2019

Congratulations!  20 years just seems so weird.  I think I discovered the site in late 2000 or so when I was looking for any info I could on the upcoming Gamecube.

The weird thing about 20 years is that when this site was founded no web site had been around for 20 years.  The idea of sites lasting for decades like that of a newspaper or magazine didn't seem like a reality when the world wide web was less than ten years old and the majority for internet users had probably only had access for five years or less.  Hell, back then "internet user" was a term.  These days an internet user is essentially any human being living in the developed world.

ShyGuyMarch 07, 2019

Twenty years? Where has my life went? I think I've been here for about seventeen of them .

MrPandaMarch 07, 2019

Happy 20th Birthday NWR! I've been a fan of the site since it was Planet GameCube. So glad to see it stronger than ever. Keep up the awesome work!

TOPHATANT123March 07, 2019

Happy birthday NWR!

Mop it upMarch 07, 2019

It's really quite amazing to be around for so long!

I think I found the site sometime in 2001 when looking for information on the then-upcoming GameCube, and I believe it was here that I read articles from someone who had attended the system's launch in Japan.

SmoolanianMarch 07, 2019

I've been a dedicated reader of this project since the PlanetGamecube days in 2000. I've checked this site more regularly than any other over the last 19 years.

Through all that time, I've never cared to make an account and drop a comment, but this retrospective inspired me finally to say "thank you" to the people who made and continue to make this site a unique and trusted source for accurate news and thoughtful commentary on Nintendo's work.

I've been impressed by how the writing staff nowadays seems to have an even more widely-informed knowledge of games and gaming, reporting on a breadth of indie work out there rather than primarily covering the major first party releases we used to claw after (though that's partly thanks to Nintendo finally providing a solid platform for indie work). I've learned more about video games thanks to your efforts and have especially enjoyed the deep reporting on developers and the feature articles that put games in the historical, economic, and social contexts that birthed them.

I've gotten the impression that some of you staff members were kids like me following the site for a long time but who are now carrying the torch. Thank you! I'm glad that for 19 years and counting I can always look to Nintendo World Report to brighten my day with an article or video that satisfies an apparently insatiable thirst for Nintendo news. Keep doing what you're doing.

Berto2KMarch 07, 2019

20 years..Wow! I remember those early days of PGC and watching Billy's JPN launch videos. The forums are where I made some great friends from across the world. I've even had the pleasure to meet some of the staff (Billy, J. Metts, TYP, Windy, Bloodworth, and more) at events when I worked for another site. While I don't game nearly as much as I used to, its great to still see this site thriving and and people still appreciating it. Here's to another 20+ years of providing the best Nintendo coverage out there!

nickmitchMarch 08, 2019

Congrats on the anniversary, NWR!

I've been here a while and it's pretty crazy to think about how checking this site and the forums has been a part of my daily routine for so long.

Here's to many more!

GKMarch 08, 2019

Wow & congrats!

Accoridng to my profile I came here in 10 years ago last January. Sheesh where does the time go? Oh yeah, gaming...

ThePermMarch 08, 2019

I've been here the whole time. I was disappointed in Wikipedia the other day removing Billy Berghammer's name from history and all.

With the help of The Wayback machine we should restore it with detailed information.


Rancid PlanetMarch 12, 2019

To celebrate the occasion Rick Powers should come back to the forums and lock a bunch of threads for being redundant.

I am humbled to be a part of the site. Here is to the next 20!

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