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Top 15 Game Boy Advance Games

by J.P. Corbran and John Rairdin - July 27, 2016, 9:13 am EDT
Total comments: 10

I'm sure this won't be contested at all.

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Despite a short life span, the Game Boy Advance had no shortage of quality games. With the help of our Patreon supporters we dug through every game in the GBA library until we finally decided on this list. Due to the huge quantity of amazing games on the platform, plenty of great games come up just short of our fifteen game cut off.

What do you think? Did your favorite game make the list?

WarioWare Twisted footage provided by Gaming Jay

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ejamerJuly 27, 2016

Well, at least you got #1 right.  ;)

Still disappointed to not see Final Fantasy VI on the list. When I was young, the dream of playing that game on a portable was my idea of gaming perfection. Years later, and it's still one of the best RPGs ever and absolutely wonderful on a GBA Micro.

fred13July 27, 2016

Thanks for the watch, obviously not at all what I would have put together, but it does make me want to try Minish Cap and Metroid Fusion.

If I could make 1 change it would be this, You have to include Advance Wars 2 in there somewhere.

There are many other comments I'd make but this one is astronomically more important than the other comments I would make.

Mop it upJuly 27, 2016

Quote from: fred13

If I could make 1 change it would be this, You have to include Advance Wars 2 in there somewhere.

Yeah, Advance Wars 2 is definitely one of my fave GBA games, and I like it better than the original.

I think my fave GBA game is Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, so it's nice to see that one place so high.

LemonadeJuly 27, 2016

Minish Cap should have been number 1

StogiJuly 28, 2016

In terms of number of hours played, I'd have to say Mario Kart would be my number 1.

In terms of most memorable/best game, I'd have to be Golden Sun. I adored that game.

SocarJuly 28, 2016

Odd how the First FE game isn't here on the list....even though I still to this day haven't played it yet..... :(

KisakiProjectJuly 28, 2016

I thought it was a pretty solid list other than the missing Mario kart Super Circuit.  That's my #1.  Used to hide our gbas and link cable under the desk in high school and play it.  Replayed it recently.  It holds up.  Some honorable mentions; Phantasy Star Collection, Boktai & Digimon Battle Spirit.

Disco StuJuly 28, 2016

The Top 5 is 100% correct.  Good show!

ejamerJuly 28, 2016

Nice to Mario Kart Super Circuit get love in the comments -but the game is divisive. Some people love the game, others really seem to dislike how it stays true to a lot of the original Mario Kart gameplay.

Personally?  I think it's amazing, and extremely solid considering the hardware it's running on.  It will always be one of the best GBA games available in my mind... but nostalgia might color that opinion because I put many hours into the game back when it was fresh and new.

Order.RSSJuly 28, 2016

Yeah that about covers the main ones right? Maybe a future list could be like, overlooked gems or something. On the GBA I mostly played cruddy shovelware based on Pixar licenses, Scooby Doo or Metabots AX (had a lot of fun with that arena fighter, admittedly).

Personal favourites would be Pokémon LeafGreen/FireRed (wasn't so hot on the Ruby/Sapphire games) and Metroid Fusion.

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