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NWR TV - Kim, Becky and E3 Final Call

by Becky Hollada and Kimberly Keller - June 19, 2015, 4:19 am EDT
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One last look at the show floor and everything in between!

And E3 is finally over, but we're not quite done. During the last day, we look back over the MIX Indie event in a talk with staffer Neal Ronaghan, and talk about Atlus's newest Nintendo offerings. If you asked the staff a question about E3, keep an eye out during our Q&A segment, but if not, Kim and Becky will be doing one last hurrah in a rapid fire question round, airing soon!


SupaKirbJune 19, 2015

Thanks for all the great coverage Kim and Becky!

EnnerJune 19, 2015

Yay! Third party games bits!

Thanks for the show.

crashnnburnJune 19, 2015

Hey Kim and Becky it is nice of you gals to do these videos. The guys at gametrailers did this like "let's experience the press conference with you while you watch us talk" thing which is ok I guess, but none were physically there, at least I didn't see them. I have been following this website since it's first traces back with N2000. So I have this feeling that with all the bigger companies like IGN this website may not be what it used to be. So I just would like to congratulate not just you girls but the rest of the NWR team (newcomers and experienced ones).

Taking the time and wasting your money to bring us the latest Nintendo stories is really neat. And I know you guys have passion for video games and I can tell that is your drive and not money or click-bait views.

Thanks for that really, keep up the good work :) (preview shows me null null null for no reason after this)

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