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Ryan Winterhalter

Lady, people aren't chocolates. Do you know what they are mostly? Bastards. Bastard-coated bastards with bastard fillings.

35, Date Hokkaido, Japan

Ryan Winterhalter Staff Alumnus

Systems Owned

  • For now just a DS and a PS2 and PSP. I had to sell my Xbox and Gamecube before I moved to Japan. But come this fall the Wii shall be mine!
  • Currently Playing

    • and The New Super Mario Bros. But I'm sure the Japanese copy of Star Trek: Borg I found for six dollars will replace those soon.
    • Hitman: Blood Money

    Games Most Desired

    • Anything for the Wii.

    Favorite Developers

    • Miyamoto and Kojima

    Favorite Music

    • and Jimmy Buffet.
    • and MC Chris
    • Green Day since American Idiot
    • Modest Mouse
    • Recently my playlist has been filled with Franz Ferdinand
    • The Killers
    • The Postal Service
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