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Radio Free Nintendo Episode 700 LIVE! Show has concluded

by James Jones - November 20, 2020, 11:04 pm EST
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Join us Saturday, Nov 21 at 1 PM Eastern to celebrate 700 episodes of whatever the hell this is.

JOIN US THIS SATURDAY AT 1 PM EASTERN! Here's the link! The Discord where we will be chatting is here.

Here's how to read this in the timezone of your choice.

Okay, that's the Inverted Pyramid satisfied, so what are you doing?

Radio Free Nintendo is excited to hit our 700th episode, and we decided to share it with all of you. We'll be broadcasting live starting at 1 PM Eastern our recording of Radio Free Nintendo. We'll even take calls as our "Listern Mail" segment, so be sure to be in the Discord channel.

1:00 PM New Business
2:00 PM Jonathan Metts goes to Hades
2:30 PM Call-ins begin!
4:00 PM Sign-off

More things will happen than what's listed, but I'm not great at planning.

Why do this?

700 is special! It has multiple zeros and is the sum of four consecutive prime numbers (167 + 173 + 179 + 181), and thus is special. Michael "TYP" Cole also let me know that 2x2x5x7 = 700, and that feels pretty special. So you'll be joining us.

I will? That seems awfully demanding. I hope you'll join us. It'll be fun. Jon Lindemann might even be there. He has been explicitly reminded.

Oh right, because he forgot that time. So this is the Telethon?

Decidedly not, but that's a function of my stultifying laziness, not because there isn't major need. There isn't really anything I need to tell you about the far-reaching the impacts of this last year have been on the world, but to that end I think it's better I let you decide how to help. Child's Play is a great charity, with a wonderful mission, and I encourage its support. However, this year has exposed needs across a spectrum of causes.

I do still want to reward charitable behavior. So, I'm asking you to make a donation to your charity of choice and then email the receipt to rfn(at)nintendoworldreport.com. We have prizes, including a Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. graciously donated by Brian, of Beat of the Month podcast.

We'll be giving it, and some other prizes away via drawings after the show concludes. Donation amounts do not affect entry.

However, if we get $500 worth of donation receipts we'll add a Stretch Goal. A Stretch Goal we'll decide on air during the show. And like any good crowd funding program there may even be more goals to unlock!

So this is a scam?

Possibly. You'll just have to join us and found out!


jarodeaNovember 24, 2020

2x2x5x7 = 140.  I think the reason there is annoyance at Nintendo seemingly slacking off right now when they often do this is that, coronavirus aside (and I know that's a massive aside but one often poorly understood even when considered), there's no excuse with the bank they are making and reduction from 2 to 1 systems.  When they slacked off at the end of the N64, GCN, or Wii U it was obvious why, low resources and stocking up to blow out the start of the next round.  When they do it with the Wii/DS/Switch it reeks of laziness and getting high on their own "they'll buy our system with nothing new" supply.  Though, I suppose snorting copious amounts of powdered ¥10,000 notes will do that to someone.

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