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Thanks Justin!

by Billy Berghammer - October 11, 1999, 8:30 pm PDT

OperationN2000 is dead, long live OpN2000! Actually, it's more of an assimiliation. Presenting, the new & improved PlanetN2000!

This is a special thank you to Justin Nation and the entire staff of OperatioN2000. I had a great time being part (a very small part) of the staff while it lasted. I would also like to thank (not only Justin) Desmond Gaban, Rick Powers, and Cptn Sisko for their donations of Dream Games and Developer Profiles. These additions to the site alone are incredible :)! The OperatioN2000 Forums and our new mailbag will be making their debut here in a couple of days. Keep checking back!

I'd also like to personally welcome these new members to Planet Staff: Justin Nation, Cptn Sisko, and Steven Thomas. I am looking forward to continue working with you.

Outside of all that, I've had a truckload of questions like, "Are you going to change your format to make it more like OperatioN2000?" Well...no. Obviously we have gained some of their features, and we will try to keep those traditions alive, but this page isn't here to try to replace OperatioN2000. Those shoes are a bit large for these feet. Planet N2000 is what it is. Yet OperatioN2000's respect level is sure something to strive for. Who knows what will happen. What I can say is this...we're going to do our best. :) Keep an eye on us....

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