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4th Annual NWR Live Podcast Telethon for Child's Play

by Karl Castaneda - November 28, 2013, 12:11 am EST
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Complete, four-part, ten-hour recording now available! Donations close on 11/30! 

The event may be over, but that doesn't mean it's too late to donate to Child's Play! Just follow the link below. We hope to post a recording for those that missed the live event soon.

You read right, readers! We're back with another mega-podcast for charity! For the uninitiated, this is an all-day NWR audio event in which we'll jibber-jabber to support Child's Play, with each and every dollar collected going straight to the source! When certain amounts are reached, we'll unlock another hour of exciting live content. Check out the awe-inspiring results of previous editions of the event in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

We have secured a complete, 10+ hour recording of the entire live event. It will be released in parts throughout this week. Subscribers to Radio Free Nintendo will get these episodes automatically, and you can manually download each one with the links below.

Part One (MP3) (Enhanced AAC) - Mario/Zelda, Wii U Report Card, Crisis on Multiple Consoles (3 hours)

Part Two (MP3) (Enhanced AAC) - Radio Trivia, Space Q&A, Nintendoaire (3 hours)

Part Three (MP3) (Enhanced AAC) - 3DS Report Card, Famicast Live (2 hours)

Part Four (MP3) (Enhanced AAC) - Shenanigans, Box Office Poison Live (2 hours)

Donate now!

JIGGAWHAT: An epic Nintendo/gaming-themed live audio "podcast" telethon

JIGGAWHY: For Child's Play, a charity that provides toys and games to sick kids

JIGGAWHO: Nintendo World Report staff, special guests and you!

JIGGAWHEN: Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 12:00pm Noon eastern (9:00am Pacific, 5:00pm GMT) until… you decide!

JIGGAWHERE: Right here, so bookmark the page, folks!

JIGGAHOW: It's the internet. Perhaps you've heard of it.

Here at Nintendo World Report, we've long been supporters of Child's Play, the fantastic charity that provides toys and games to hospitalized kids. If you're not familiar with Child's Play, check out the official website and listen to Jonny's RFN Special interview with Mike Krahulik, co-founder of the charity (and Penny Arcade), way back in 2007. So, when our old friend Karl Castaneda brought us an idea for doing a special, live-streaming podcast to support Child's Play, we got excited. Not only can we do things live that don't make sense in a recorded show, like real-time listener interaction, but the lack of editing means there are fewer constraints on how long the show can run. Then we thought… why not do it telethon-style, all day long? It's been an amazing ride so far, and this year we're hoping to raise more money than ever for this excellent charity!

***If you are new to NWR podcasts, please be advised that the show is LIVE and may contain explicit language. We're doin' it for the kids, but the show itself is for grown-ups.***

Content Program and Fundraising Goals:

(Note: Schedule is subject to change before and even during the event. Each hour of content will be unlocked when the corresponding donation goal is met. Fundraising goals are totals, i.e. all previous donations are counted towards the amount. Pacific time zone is three hours earlier than the time shown below!)

12:00pm Eastern - A Big Ol' What We've Been Playing w/ special guests Chris Kohler and Billy Berghammer! (FREE)

1:00pm Eastern - The Year That Was: The Wii U's First Report Card w/ special guest Jose Otero! ($500)

2:00pm Eastern - A Crisis on Multiple Consoles: What's Our Prognosis for the Xbox One and PS4? w/ special guests Phil Theobald and Chris Johnston! ($1000)

3:00pm Eastern - Radio Trivia Live: Can You Name That Gaming Tune? ($1500)

4:00pm Eastern - Space QA Live: Scott Thompson and Jonny Metts Answer Your Space-Related Questions! ($2000)

5:00pm Eastern - Who Wants to Be a Nintendoaire Part Deux: The Connectivity Game Show Hit Returns! ($2500)

6:00pm Eastern - 3DS Report Card 2013: Wow, They Certainly Fixed That, Didn't They? ($3000)

7:00pm Eastern - The Famicast Rides Again w/special guest Mark McDonald! ($3500)

8:00pm Eastern - A Healthy Dose of Shenanigans w/Your Live Calls! ($4000)

9:00pm Eastern - Box Office Poison Presents: Our Movie of the Forever, Super Mario Bros.($5000 Stretch Goal)  

Date TBA: Connectivity Live Event Extravaganza ($6000 Stretch Goal)

Date TBA: RetroActive Live Part Deux Featuring Greg Leahy ($7000 Stretch Goal)

We will make every effort to obtain a clear recording of this event, but due to the complex technical nature of doing so, we cannot guarantee a recording will be available later. Please plan to attend the event live if you want to be sure!

Special Prizes - Listen to the live telethon for details on how to win. Very special thanks to Carmine Red!

- $5 eShop Credit (WiU/3DS) x2
- Assassin's Creed III (WiiU)
- Bleach Figurine
- Call of Duty 4 T-Shirt (XXL)
- Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion T-Shirt (XL) x2
- Conduit 2 T-Shirt (Medium) x3
- Disgaea Flonne Figurine
- Disney Guilty Party T-Shirt (XL)
- DuckTales Remastered (Wii U) Physical Copies
- Fishing Master (Wii)
- GoldenEye T-Shirt (L)
- Hometown Story Bonus Ember Dragon Plush (Pink)
- Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons DL Code (3DS)
- Mario Glow-in-the-Dark Baseball Cap
- Mega Man 25th Anniversary 3DS Aluminum Case
- MotoHeroez T-Shirt (M)
- New Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U)
- New Super Luigi U (Wii U)
- Penguin Patrol DL Code
- PlayStation Plus 30-day Code (only works for new members)
- Pokemon Rumble U DL Code
- Skullgirls PC Game DL Code (Steam)
- Small Tektite Meteorite Rock Specimen x2
- Spectrobes Novel
- Spot It! Mean Machines DL Code x3
- Street Fighter Cap
- Street Fighter T-Shirt (Small)
- Super Mario 4.5" Standing Figure
- Super Mario Collector's Tin
- Series 2 - Daisy/ShyGuy x2
- Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World T-Shirt (L/XL)
- Unopened Pokemon Rumble U NFC Figure x5
- Virtue's Last Reward Wrist Watch
- Year of Luigi Pin (from Club Nintendo)

Ways You Can Help:

1. Donate! This is the most direct way to help meet our goals for the event and support Child's Play. You can donate money before, during and for a couple weeks after the live event.

2. Promote! If you're part of a community or group of friends who enjoy Nintendo or video games, please help us spread the word and explain what's so great about this event. (Always be respective -- don't spam on our behalf.)

3. Participate! Listen to the live event, play along in the chat room, and call in for interactive segments -- you'll make the event better for everyone!

4. Prizes! If you've hit the limit on donating money but have some special gaming swag or digital game codes to give away, we could use them as prizes. Please email us with any offers.

To change your chat nickname, type /nick newnickname, where "newnickname" is the new name you want.

Donate now!


Chad SexingtonNovember 17, 2013

You know... I've been visiting this site since the Project Dolphin days and I've missed this telethon 3 years in a row because I always forget that it's on a Saturday.  My brain is trained to remember NWR content on Sundays because of the podcast.

ShyGuyNovember 17, 2013


Disco StuNovember 17, 2013

Get pumped!  Last year was pretty epic, but I think we can make it to $7000 this year!

ClexYoshiNovember 18, 2013

I myself haven't been coming to the telethons because I hadn't heard of NWR before you guys started covering the 3DS launch, and then my grandma passed right before the second one and my grandpa remarried around the one-year anniversary of her passing, so... here's hoping great tragedy doesn't wrack my life and I actually get to listen in and get my greasy mitts on 'dat Flonne. <3

readyletsgoNovember 21, 2013

Donated some funds, best of luck lads!!!!

Somebody dropped a bomb on the donation link! Humongous thanks, whoever you are! Good thing we have stretch goals!

PlugabugzNovember 22, 2013

Quote from: Jonnyboy117

Somebody dropped a bomb on the donation link! Humongous thanks, whoever you are! Good thing we have stretch goals!

I sincerely hope one of them is Greg hosting more (american) football talk for a bit?

I was scared about not making it to 7:00pm but now I'm even more hyped.

BTW, a few prizes I've got here as well:
- Year of Luigi pin (the Club Nintendo one)
- New Super Luigi U
- The Virtue's Last Reward watch

broodwarsNovember 22, 2013

If you want any Non-tendo prizes. I have the 30 day PS+ voucher code that came with my PS4. It only works if you don't already have PS+, though.

Thanks man, we'll take it!

broodwarsNovember 22, 2013

Quote from: Jonnyboy117

Thanks man, we'll take it!

No problem. To add something Nintendo to the pile, though, I now seem to have an Oracle of Seasons code I have no use for as well.

purevalNovember 22, 2013

Will any of the prizes be available to people who do not have headsets to call in?

tyrian3November 23, 2013

Oh my God, it's already past 2000$! Thanks to all the people who donated!
This live show is the highlight of the RFN year and it gets better and better every time!
can't wait for it to start :D

LUIGI205November 23, 2013

Is there any way to listen to the telethon via Android Phone..? Or am I going to have to wait until the recorded version is released? :-( I won't be able to listen today because of lack of computer access...D:

Use the MP3 link. It should work on Android.

happyastoriaNovember 23, 2013

Wow, impressive! I couldn't hear most of it because of work! Can't wait for the recording.

ejamerNovember 24, 2013

Also missed the live broadcast... but for the past few years this has been a major podcast highlight and I can't wait to get a chance to listen to the recording. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen, from the NWR staff to special guests to all the people putting in generous donations!

azekeNovember 24, 2013

Space poop discussion was amazing.

tyrian3November 24, 2013

It was amazing start to finish, but the space poop talk was one of the highlights!
It was such a thrill to see everyone being so nice to me, I want to tank you all from the bottom of my heart. It may not seem much but I sincerely appreciate it! I'm happy to be a "telethon tradition" as someone called me and it was great being able to be on the show. Even though you can hear a very big difference in my voice from the first hour to the thenth  :P:  I tried to add to the discussion about the Mario movie but I was really tired and I couldn't find the words easily, plus I'm not used to podcasting so I accidentally interrupted someone and I'm sorry!
The live chat in the IRC was wonderful, the metagame during Radio Trivia was so much fun! I cannot wait for the next live show, congrats to everyone in the staff to have pulled off such a great task successfully and for raising over 7000$ for the kids.
Too bad this time I didn't have the chance to win a prize, that Ducktales physical copy looked schweet, but I honestly cannot be happier about yesterday. I mean, I got to speak with you guys and Greg again, how awesome is that?  :D
Next goal: be a guest on the show. Will I ever make it?who knows!but one can dream, eh? hahaha
cheers to all!

PS: jonny I still have those steam codes to donate, you guys can use them in a future occasion, write me on twitter whenever you want and I'll pass them on to you ok?  :cool;

readyletsgoNovember 25, 2013

Guys, the show was amazing! I listened up to 11pm uk time here. Everything seemed to go off without any problems (I believe :-), while you guys were talking about Dead Space 2, I was ACTUALLY playing it with the sound off, felt so connected :-)
Just wondering, when do we get to listen to Part One? Cant wait to listen back to it all!
Congrats on an amazing show lads!!!!

Episode 1 is out on the RFN feed, and linked on the NWR site (edit isn't carrying to the forums for some reason).

Part one is already linked near the top of this page. The other parts will be released throughout the week. You can also subscribe to Radio Free Nintendo to get them all automatically.

ResettisCousinNovember 25, 2013

The amount of work that clearly goes in to these is very impressive. I was able to listen to almost the whole thing live from my phone , and it traveled with me around town for errands from the "oh so we're streaming now?" start to "for another ten dollars we'll give you TWO retroactives!" slap-down finish (at least I think that was the end?) You are certainly correct to mix up the voices over the telethon, and the guest-gets were all welcome and entertaining. Next year... maybe someone from Nintendo of Ameria? Except this time leave poor Geist and its menu fonts alone.

KisakiProjectNovember 25, 2013

I was really happy to hear Jose Otero on the show.  He's done a great job with NVC and IGN Nintendo.  I also really liked him on 1up before it closed.  I hope you guys can get him on the show as a guest in the future.  Couldn't catch it live....but glad to hear it piecemeal.

Just want to thank you guys for getting this on the podcast feed so quickly!

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