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GBA 2?

by the NWR Staff - October 9, 2002, 8:50 am EDT

Rumors are running rampant about the GBA 2, and Louie the Cat investigates...

In a year of wild, wacky, and weird Nintendo things, something really weird just fell into my stinky box. Last week, A lilEbirdy tells me (before I ate that sucka) that Edge Magazine is claiming to have the specs on a GBA2 in an ad for their upcoming magazine. Big deal, everyone and their brother has "specs" on the GBA2. Still, it's coming from a fairly respected magazine in the UK, so I tossed it in the "icky stinky" side of my litter box.

Then, I hear that Computer & Video Games has posted the specs. C&VG, as much as some of their stories never pan out, did break some of the more oddball news lately. Then, over at the Edge Magazine forums, one of the Edge staff claims that the C&VG news was "lifted" from the magazine. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s flat out lying?

So I can't keep quiet any longer. Here are the "details" about this supposed GBA2:

  • A new shape, to accommodate the following design changes

  • FOUR buttons on the face of the unit, in addition to the two "shoulder" buttons

  • Back-lit screen (though probably using some sort of front-lighting solution, rather than a true "backlight")

  • Flip top over the screen, "reminiscent of the later Game & Watch"

  • A proprietary slim-line battery (presumably rechargable Lithium-Ion) providing 10 hours of play

  • Faster processor

  • More RAM

  • A sale price of 10,000 Yen in Japan ($81 in the US)

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