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Kodak = Backlit GBA?

by the NWR Staff - August 11, 2002, 4:18 pm EDT

The cat is back with an all new rumor, and SCHOOLING?! What Billeh sent Louie to clown college? You better believe it!

Hey everyone!

I’m back from the dead! Wooooohoooooo! Billeh sent me off to grammar school so I could clean up my writing. So I am back. Fear me. The kitty is back. I know you were waiting.

Anyhoo, I was checking my e-mail today (yes I get e-mail) and was sent a link to Kodak’s site. Apparently they’ve come up with new low powered, Active Matrix Screens for portable devices. This is the description:

”Kodak brings you the most beautiful screens in the world. Small size, full color, video screens for cameras, camcorders, portable entertainment, advanced mobile phones, PDAs, and other applications. Kodak screens are 1.5mm thick and use only a fraction of the power of backlit LCDs.”


you check the page out, you’ll notice there’s a picture of a GBA on the page. There’s no GBA logo on it, but it’s clearly a Game Boy Advance.

Before all you go running through the streets screaming, “THERE IS A CHRIST! NINTENDO’S GOING TO MAKE A BACKLIT GBA”, take a deep breath and sit your little jelly butts down.

Nowhere on Kodak’s site does it say that they are making the screens for the GBA. If so, there had been a press release about it and everyone would have known about it already. It seems to me Kodak is showing what the technology can do, not that there are these specific products coming to a store near you. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve actually yanked apart a GBA to make it bright and lovely, but realize this is all speculation. We’re just pointing it out.

Thanks to reader Peter Rohl for the tip. Louie luvs ya!

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