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Episode 700: Welcome to the Tubtime Galaxy

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, Jon Lindemann, and Guillaume Veillette - November 22, 2020, 8:16 pm EST
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We did a live show, most of us made it on time. You know who you are.

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A big thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Radio Free Nintendo Episode 700 Live Show. We had a great time, and we hope you did as well.

This is a slightly truncated recording of the show, with some of the filler content trimmed for time and general chaos. It's still five hours long.

We talk Series X, PS5, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and Pikmin New Play Control.

The live format let us take callers with question about: what our ideal Warriors game would be, if we learned anything from a Smash character, what events are turning points of our RFN careers, Greg's history of game imports, Nintendo on PC, and if people are harder on Nintendo now.

That's a lot of questions, and even more answers.

We also asked for people to make some donations to charities of their choosing and send us the receipts, and that resulted in almost $800.

Almost. We need about $70 more to get us to do another call-in show in January. You'll also be entered into a drawing for some prizes. We don't need it all at once, just a few donations will get us there. So send the receipts to rfn(an)nintendoworldreport.com.

Lastly, thank you to all our listeners, former hosts, guests, and everyone else who made 14+ years of this show possible.

This episode was edited by James Jones. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Perry's SoundCloud. The Radio Free Nintendo logo was produced by Connor Strickland. See more of his work at his website.

This episode's ending music is No. EX 01 from Xenoblade Chronicles X. It was requested by Donald Theriault. Composition by Hiroyuki Sawano. All rights reserved by its Nintendo Co., Ltd.


Cool Uncle VinceNovember 23, 2020

Congratulations on hitting 700!  I started listening in the run up to Episode 400, and it's crazy to think I've been listening for almost half the series' run.

Y'all really put on a tremendous show, full of humor & great insight.  I truly mean it when I call RFN "my favorite podcast."

EnnerNovember 24, 2020

Gratz on the episode and thanks for the show!

MASBNovember 29, 2020

The episode pic is actually from the future. A glimpse of RFN in 2040. NWR Chat will be the number one podcast in the Tubtime Galaxy!

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