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Episode 682: Xenoblade Routes: The Best

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, and Jon Lindemann - July 19, 2020, 3:09 pm EDT
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Guillaume started his two week vacation, so this week is a board meeting of J&J+G Partners Inc.

Buckle-up, this is a meandering episode.

Greg's been playing Inti Creates' newest retro/modern platformer, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2. It has a corgi in a mech, and he is concerned about justice. I'm not sure what else you need to hear. Greg also enjoys the game, so there's that too.

The crew has a lengthy digression into why they're not playing new games, but instead keep falling into "comfort food" during our current era of crisis. We're still playing Smash, Forza, Super Mega Baseball, and Xenoblade. All get touched-on for about half a second.

Donkey Kong Country and Natsume Championship Wrestling on SNES and The Immortal on NES joined the Nintendo Switch Online line-up this week, and RFN's plans for them are dark. Jon and James reveal their PPV for J&J Dream Wrestle Empire Super Stipulations.

Jon picked up both Mega Man X Legacy Collections. He's just getting started on Mega Man X, so resident expert James is here to give him a preview to what lies ahead. He also bought the HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Daemon X Machina Edition) for reasons unknown even to him. He is "a weird controller guy" though, so perhaps our answer lies there. If you want to ride your Switch with long handlebars then I have good news for you!

After the break we knock out a duo of listener mail. First up we incentivize Yoshi, then we make Nintendo a billion dollars with only our feet. You too can inspire absolute genius by sending us an email.

This episode was edited by James Jones. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Perry's SoundCloud. The Radio Free Nintendo logo was produced by Connor Strickland. See more of his work at his website.

This episode's ending music is Sketchy Corner from Paper Mario: Color Splash. It was requested by A.G.. All rights reserved by Nintendo Co., Ltd.


pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterJuly 23, 2020

I'm honestly shocked by how little I've missed the extra features from the Joycon in the transition to the Split Pad Pro. Even Gyro is not really something I've felt too bad about losing.

nickmitchJuly 27, 2020

Listening to the commentary about THE HORROR SHOW AT EXTREME RULES, and the Eye-for-an-Eye match, from before the PPV with the after the fact knowledge about what happened gave me a good lol.

The J&J Text Message Thread was "lit" that night.

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