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Episode 527: E3 2017 Day 2 - Forgetting our Lines

by Michael Cole, Becky Hollada, Aaron Kaluszka, Kimberly Keller, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Jared Rosenberg - June 15, 2017, 10:55 am EDT
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Jon, Jonny and some special friends offer their thoughts on E3's second act.

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Day 2 of the Electronic Entertainment Expo came to a close, so naturally we sat down to record our thoughts on the events of the day. Jon and Jonny made up the RFN contingent, but we also had a true roundtable that included Aaron, Jared, TYP, resident troublemakers Kim and Becky, and - making her podcast debut - Kim's mom Nellie! We discuss what we played in the Nintendo booth and elsewhere, lament endless lines, and share a laugh or two. Please, feel free to picture us all laughing right now, and enjoy this wrap-up.


daverhodusJune 16, 2017

Fire Emblems Warriors is coming out on New 3DS and New 2DS XL.

Yep, I think Jonny was confusing it with the upcoming mainline release, which is Switch-only.

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterJune 16, 2017

Quote from: daverhodus

Fire Emblems Warriors is coming out on New 3DS and New 2DS XL.

Half the reason I got Hyrule Warriors on 3DS was to laugh at how poorly it runs on the Old 3DS but even on a New 3DS I remember having a lot of issues with pop in and draw distance that weren't present on the Wii U version.

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