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Episode 411: Turduckenlanders

by Alex Culafi, James Jones, and Jonathan Metts - January 4, 2015, 10:13 pm PST
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Welcome the new year with a special episode that's all emails, all the time.

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We recorded this show right in the middle of everyone's big holiday break, and only half the regulars were able to make it. Not to worry though, because Alex Culafi from NWR Connectivity and our new Nintendo News Report video show popped in to help James and Jonny work through some of our Listener Mail backlog. It's a short episode, all emails, but we still had a good time!

This week's selection of listener-submitted topics begins with a quick take on winter gaming, then proceeds with a pair of Mario Maker discussions, first on the balance of Nintendo-created levels and then how this bold new direction for the franchise could affect plans for future 2D Super Mario games. Next, we get insider coverage of how Canada's eShop has saved the Wii U for some Nintendo fans in Brazil. Last up is one of the best Amiibo ideas we've seen yet, from a listener who wishes the figurines could lead to more fan-focused sports games.

We'll always make time for the best emails, so please continue sending yours and special end-of-year thanks to everyone who did so over the past year! Gui and Jon will return next week for post-holiday New Business, and we're getting ready for our Best of 2014 show around mid-January. Here's to another big year for RFN!

This episode was edited by James Jones. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Bluffs Custom Music.


InvaderRENJanuary 05, 2015

I really like the idea of using the existing Amiibo in sports games. Perhaps a little like Blood Bowl, a Mario Amiigo gives you a Mario themes team, and will play VERY differently to a Kirby or Sammus based team. Sure, pick Soccer and then watch as your Mario team runs around throwing fireballs and coin punching while the Kirby team sucks in your guys and steals their powers, while hitting you in the face with a hammer.
So 1 Amiibo gives you an entire team, themes to that character. Soccer, Baseball, etc. Only 1 Amiibo requires, but if you wanted to experience a very different team, then buy a different Amiibo.  Oh, and make the damn game online :-)

SorenJanuary 05, 2015

Winter Games - Living in a place with no seasons to speak of, I usually associate winter with the big holiday releases. The last 3 years I've played major Mario games or spinoffs (U, 3D World, Captain Toad), and the year before that was Skyward Sword. Getting an extended break to plow through some major franchises have been the way I've experienced gaming these last few winters.

Nintendo Brazil - Here's an article run through google translate explaining some of the issues Brazil Nintendo fans are going through. Wii U's weak sales numbers in major markets are only magnified in their secondary markets.

Amiibo Madden - It's hard to think of a game that thoroughly uses amigo features without possibly breaking the game. What I got out of the email was amiibos unlocking certain types of players. Kirby amiibos unlock light, quick players who could play receiver. Mario amiibos could unlock balanced, all-around players. The game then balances out the rest of the roster and picks opponents accordingly. You're limiting the amount of data the figure can hold but at least you have some functionality there. Adding an official license won't make the game any better, so its best if it just stays as a Nintendo property.

Also, 2K no longer holds the exclusive third-party rights to a MLB video game. Things are so bad MLB itself became the developer and publisher of RBI Baseball 14, the only other baseball game next to Sony's The Show. The baseball license just isn't worth it anymore.

azekeJanuary 06, 2015

I can totally relate to problems brazilian Nintendo fans are having.

My country isn't even listed in the Miiverse combobox, so according to my NNID i am Irish.

I do see that Nintendo is making some steps towards games in Russia, they have now have their own official online shop and Club Nintendo and occasionally they do some promotional events (like Bayonetta 2 premiere event recently), my hope is that they expand their presence to my country as well.

As of now i have to buy games from play-asia and amazon paying exorbitant sums for shipping, because retailer presence is non-existent due to lack of console tradition here. Even if i do manage some console or console game here (not just Nintendo, any console) it will two-three times more expensive than on amazon, even with shipping.

At least i always have eShop, and if i super excited about the game i can just download it and get it right away without waiting weeks and weeks.

Johnathon LovelessJanuary 06, 2015

I could see Splatoon taking up Mario Karts 8's place in it being an online multiplayer game for the summer.

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)January 06, 2015

How many of you guys have watched Sumo?
I only ask, because that sport has more widespread appeal than American Football!

It surprised me that the RFN crew even humoured the idea of a Nintendo Am.Football game.
It. Will. Never. Ever. Happen.

Using Amiibos in sports games in general? Maybe, but it doesn't seem like a good fit for the current run.

azekeJanuary 06, 2015

Quote from: famicomplicated

How many of you guys have watched Sumo?

Big fan here.

My favourite wrestler is Harumafuji -- one of the lightest fighters around but he still wins through his dexterity and technique. Too bad he is not as stable in his results than his his main competitor, fellow grand champion Hakuho.

SorenJanuary 09, 2015

Well...so much for that.



Nintendo has announced that it'll be ceasing operations in Brazil, effectively leaving the marketplace for the foreseeable future. As of this month distribution of systems and games in the country will stop, taking the company out of a sizeable but also troublesome market.



Leo13January 11, 2015

I have to agree with James. New Super Mario Bros 2 was more fun because of the score attack mode. My wife and I spent a long time trying to beat each other's scores where we didn't have near that much fun with coin rush on U. The best part of U was actually called super Luigi

Aggreed. Coin Rush in NSMB2 with online ghosts would be amazing.

Leo13January 12, 2015

Quote from: Crimm

Aggreed. Coin Rush in NSMB2 with online ghosts would be amazing.


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