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Episode 363: Quantitative Easing

by James Jones, Dave Mellert, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - December 22, 2013, 1:35 pm EST
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We may not have adequately explained NES Remix, but it's not for lack of trying.

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It's our last episode of 2013, and we have a new guest in Jon's chair this week: Dave Mellert, a fairly recent addition to the NWR staff who we met years ago at PAX East. We kick off with some brief comments on the response to last week's episode and a coarse rundown of the latest Nintendo Direct.

In New Business, James spends plenty of time trying to explain NES Remix. Not only do he and Guillaume have difficulty describing this downloadable oddity, they're also unsure just what they think of it. Gui finally gets to start Zelda: Link Between Worlds, too. Dave turns the light on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a game we haven't discussed in months. It sounds like the holiday season is a great time to jump back in. Jonny closes the segment with early impressions of Ys Seven, which is of course one of the newest entries in the Ys franchise that we covered on RetroActive not too long ago.

You can probably guess that Listener Mail would cover at least a tiny sample of the extensive feedback we received from last week's show. But we get started with a fun letter about the pure addictiveness of Super Mario 3D World, which gives us an excuse to slip in some extra impressions from the panel. Next up is a tour though memorable Christmas/winter themes in video games, as well as a couple of holiday gaming memories. In the end, we do get around to dealing with the Wii U sales fallout and the inevitable question of Satoru Iwata's solvency as President/CEO of Nintendo. Naturally, we all looked to James for an expert opinion on Japanese culture and how the current situation might affect Iwata's job security. What we didn't expect was an epic, incredibly deep, occasionally inscrutable treatise on Japanese macroeconomics, monetary policy, and corporate intrigue. James goes far beyond a simple prediction to look at the situation in a way you aren't going to hear on any other podcast. The man is an international treasure. And the short answer is: no, Iwata is probably going to be fine for now.

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azekeDecember 23, 2013

MiiVerse is not supposed to be the main hub to discuss Nintendo games. Of course you can use it that way if you like but it's not the best way to do and not what it was intended for. It's not ghettoing the Nintendo discussion away from twitter or forums or whatever.

The sole purpose of MiiVerse existing is so dumb and incredible simple, it's quite amazing that people can't grasp it. The very first reveal of the system during E3 2012 spent 15 excruciating minutes meticulously explaining you all the use-cases it was made for and still people ignore it.

MiiVerse was made so that you could
1) ask questions when you're stumped in the game + screenshot
2) give your minutae impressions about it + screenshot
3) see 1) and 2)
4) seriously, just 1) and 2)

That's it.

Everything else is extra. Drawings, occasional well thought-out discussions, dumb pointless petitions, direct line to our favourite developers, interview type dialogues between developers of the game (european Nintendo did these for Karaoke game, not sure if they're amusing or sad cause how staged they were), -- all fluff.

ejamerDecember 23, 2013

Very glad to have waited instead of buying NES Remix. The discussion in this podcast confirmed that, at least with the current pricing, the game is just not for me. Glad others are enjoying it though.

As usual, great podcast guys!

Leo13December 23, 2013

Loved the Business/Econ lesson. That stuff is always very interesting. Yes I even appreciated the part on quantitative easing and G8. Here's hoping we get more similar discussions in the future.

eggface123December 23, 2013

James Jones is the coolest! :cool;

EnnerDecember 23, 2013

The December and winter events for Animal Crossing: New Leaf are great. A white blanket covers the ground and trees, lights are put on the evergreen trees, snowmen are formed by rolling two snowballs, and more. The game does the Christmas thing really well.

The economics and corporation discussion was fucking fantastic. I try to keep an ear and eye out for at least a few bits of world news on money and companies. I've read before that Japan is devaluing the Yen, so it was neat to hear about it in the context of Nintendo as a public company.

EnnerDecember 23, 2013

Also, a quick search of "Quantitative Easing" pulled in this little article:

The computer games are available here:



I hope to check them out soon.

AwesomeUnicornDecember 24, 2013

A shout out for my favorite "Christmas" game: Parasite Eve.  The game isn't explicitly about Christmas, but the game is set during the week around Christmas, and it provides a significant backdrop for the visuals and mood for the game.

HairyChestDecember 25, 2013


PlugabugzDecember 27, 2013

All those macro and microeconomics lectures back at university certainly came in handy for me on this episode.

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