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Episode 324: Punky Hamster

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - February 3, 2013, 8:21 pm EST
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On this very special episode of RFN, Hamtaro's friend Cherry gets stuck in a refrigerator.

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We're getting back to normal after a pleasantly tumultuous first month of 2013. New Business is full of new games, as Gui plays the brand new 3DS remake of Ikachan and explains the uneven experience of The Cave on Wii U. Jon finally has his own brush with the Red Ring of Death and struggles with whether to replace his 360 before the inevitable successor launches this fall. Jonny gushes over Level 5's Ni No Kuni and also brings a few positive words about Nintendo Force and the Hyrule Historia coffee table book. James wraps it up with a slightly disappointed report on Gunman Clive, but the glorious demo for Fire Emblem Awakening erases any lingering negativity. For now.

In the latter half, we finally catch up on Listener Mail with a trio of timely queries. This batch starts with a look at Nintendo's most inexplicable decisions, as a defense for the "no-duh" game announcements last week. Next, we take a hard look at the Earthbound situation, as the game is finally coming to Virtual Console in Japan -- does that mean it has a chance in the West, too? Localization is also the topic of the final email, as we consider whether more games could be released on digital services with subtitle-only translations.

Send in your own questions for the next Listener Mail segment -- ping us now! We've also still got new, low prices on the NWR t-shirt store, so order soon if you want to have yours in time for PAX East.

This podcast was edited by Guillaume Veillette.

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Wow, Jon's even late to the RROD party.

Pixelated PixiesFebruary 04, 2013

Great episode guys.

I can't wait to play Awakening, really looking forward to it.

house3136February 04, 2013

My brother’s girlfriend got me Amazon gift cards for Christmas, so I bought Hyrule Historia. Coincidentally, it was delivered today and I’m actually unwrapping it while listening. I also returned a $185 book to my college today for $65 in return, so I can’t complain about the price of Historia in terms of being “textbook” like :). I’ve completed Skyward Sword several times; and never played The Wind Waker, so the HD version is day one for me. Thumbing through it, it looks like I will have a lot of pleasant surprises. Succinctly, I’m glad to hear NWR is referencing HH in the podcast.

leahsdadFebruary 04, 2013

Quote from: Pixelated

Great episode guys.

I can't wait to play Awakening, really looking forward to it.

I want to play Awakening, but now I have to wait--  I preordered at Gamestop (because of the stupid artbook bonus) but apparently NOA is having shipping problems-- they won't arrive until Wednesday, at the earliest.  Apparently, I (and Gamestop) are not the only ones having this problem either.

Pixelated PixiesFebruary 05, 2013

On the discussion of random battles and grinding.

I never really grew up playing RPG's, so my tolerance for random battles is pretty much zero. I've gone back and played Chronotrigger and Secret of Mana, both of which I really enjoyed. I think Jonny's right though, the psychological impact of even having the illusion that you can avoid battles, if you're fast or nimble enough, is huge.

As I enjoyed those two games so much, I thought that I might enjoy other 16 bit RPGs. When I played Phantasy Star IV on VC though I realised that I absolutely could not truck with random battles. I also played though Final Fantasy 6, and while I definitely prefer FFVI to PSIV, I was still driven mad by the random battles.

I think you must just need to build up that tolerance as a kid, because my patience for that sort of thing is non-existent.

On a side note, I think Bit.Trip Runner, Meat Boy, and Hotline Miami have set my expectations pretty high as far as just letting me play the game is concerned. By which I mean, those games have destroyed any patience I had for games with fail screens, which then take 30 sceonds or more to reload the level, and in some instances even force you to button mash your way through text and tutorials that you've seen multiple times (I'm looking at you Fluidity: Spin Cycle).

On side side note, I finally got all the puzzle pieces and 5 stars in Spin Cycle. That game was aweseome (I just wish they had included an option to skip all the text once you had already gone through a level).

Uncle_OptimusFebruary 05, 2013

Gui's praise of Ika-Chan's pixel graphics on the XL further cement my frothing need to replay Cave Story once I get an XL. Enjoyed the extended "out-takes" btw guys, cheers for bringing that to the 'cast man!

llafferFebruary 06, 2013

On the topic of Wii U VC being able to read Wii VC save states ...

If the "Wii mode" of Wii U works like a virtual machine running within the system, when that virtual machine is turned off, the main system may not have access to the virtual NAND memory of that other system.

So getting a Wii U version of a VC game you already own on Wii and copied over, it wouldn't be like your save state was deleted, but a new save state was created.  The Wii VC save state would still exist in Wii mode.  At least, that's how I'm thinking that this will work.  I'll find out when Super Metroid or other VC games get released that I owned on Wii.

ChariblazeJanuary 02, 2014

Holy crap Jonny called it! :O

39:19 | Jonny (in response to James talking about the "The War of Hyrule" on the Zelda timeline):

"That's for the upcoming Zelda/Dynasty Warriors crossover."

llafferJanuary 02, 2014

Quote from: Chariblaze

Holy crap Jonny called it! :O

39:19 | Jonny (in response to James talking about the "The War of Hyrule" on the Zelda timeline):

"That's for the upcoming Zelda/Dynasty Warriors crossover."

Thanks for finding that. Now I'm downloading the old episode to hear it for myself.  Interesting to hear the "joke" in full context. :) lol

TOPHATANT123October 26, 2015

James' Earthbound rant was the saltiest experience I have ever gone through. Dear lord I've never heard the man so passionate about anything like this.

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