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E3 2011 - Day Three (The CarCast)

by Jonathan Metts - June 9, 2011, 10:30 am EDT
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Live, from the L.A. freeway, it's Radio Free Nintendo!

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We made a podcast in TYP's car at 60 miles per hour! On this episode, we discuss the Nintendo/Ubisoft developer roundtable, various 3DS games, and the multiplatform console titles recently confirmed for Wii U.

This episode was edited by Jonathan Metts.


CericJune 09, 2011

Ghost Recon: The Attack of the Ummms

Its an AR card game Demo.  Their is not much to any AR Card Game EVER.  Its a flawed idea that is cool till implemented.

They don't have good Tennessee Roads there.

Batroid Be Prepared to Bat-track

Ninja Gaiden 3:  A Monty Python Surgery Encounter

Wooo Woooo!!!!

Their Some work that's not...

Ya'll come Back Know ya Hear.

On a Technical note.  This one isn't downloading Automatically on the Zune feed for some reason or another.

I didn't have time to update the RSS feeds when this was first posted, but you should now get the episode automatically in iTunes, Zune, etc. The audio came out surprisingly good, considering the circumstances!

CericJune 09, 2011

A little loud on some people but their really wasn't any background noise.  You could understand everyone clearly.  I though it came out very well.  Much better then the Newscast Car Cast but I think that was done over a Cellphone.

KDR_11kJune 12, 2011

You should've interviewed TYP, then you could have called it the CarCasst :P

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