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Virtual Console Mondays: The Rest of March 2008

Cruis'n USA

by Evan Burchfield - April 28, 2008, 10:04 pm EDT

The N64's graphical power should have made it the system of choice for racing games, but unfortunately its racing library was little more than respectable, with a couple standout titles. Cruis'n USA was not one of those standout titles, but it did come early enough in the system's lifespan to gain an inexplicable, mutant fan base.

Please note: Cruis'n USA is not a good game! The game features over a dozen tracks that all play the same (they're just an assortment of curves and straight-aways) and several cars that all feel the same. The graphics are shoddy and there are repetitive voice-overs during the race. There's the option to play with manual or automatic transmissions, but the difference doesn't add anything to the basic enjoyment garnered from arcade racing mechanics. For ten dollars even diehard fans of the series have to admit that this isn't worth picking up.

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