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Virtual Console Mondays: The Whole of February 2008

Operation Wolf

by Evan Burchfield - February 26, 2008, 12:40 am EST

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If you've ever wondered what it would be like to play a gun game with a D-pad, this is the game for you. When Operation Wolf was originally released, it could be controlled with either the NES controller or the NES Zapper. Unfortunately, the Virtual Console version of Operation Wolf is incompatible with any sort of pointer or zapper functionality. This leaves you with the extremely unwieldy D-Pad option to move the onscreen reticule to aim at the game's repetitive pixelated enemies..

As if that wasn't already bad enough, the game is rather unforgiving. Miss just a couple ammo and grenade refill items and you'll soon be practically defenseless. And due to the difficulty in controls, you're likely to hit hostages and receive more damage from your own actions than enemy fire. The game promises four levels with six stages each, plus additional random stages where enemies ambush you, but the frustration just isn't worth it.

Operation Wolf is definitely a curiosity from the NES era, but it's almost impossible to recommend.- Carmine "Cai" M. Red

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